Episode 131:  “The Chinese dominance of your medicine cabinet” with Rosemary Gibson

When you think of all the things in your house that are “made in China”, one thing you may not realize is how many medicines are.  

That bottle of aspirin? Made in China. Penicillin? Made in China. Even something as simple as Vitamin C is produced in China.

And if that’s not shocking enough, there’s also a good chance your doctor doesn’t even know where these medicines are being manufactured!

Joining me is Rosemary Gibson, author of the book “China Rx”, which chronicles how this began and how the Chinese developed it in stealth.  Rosemary, a recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine, is a thoughtful and careful chronicler of this very alarming reality.

How did the US let this happen? What about Chinese quality control? How has the pandemic played a role in all of this?

Before you take that next pill, you’ll want to hear this conversation.