Episode 132: “Combating Woke Capitalism” with Justin Danhof and Matt Schlapp

For years, major American corporations have been drifting to the political Left. 

Now that drift seems more like a tidal wave. Companies like Coca Cola, Delta Airlines … and even Major League Baseball have, for example, condemned Georgia’s legislature’s effort to protect free and fair elections. 

And increasingly the very top echelons of many big corporations – the C Suites and the boards of directors – are filled with people on the left promoting a “woke” agenda.

Household names like Levi, Nike, Air BnB, Blackrock, Ford, the NBA and Bank of America are now aligned with the Democrat Party.

This corporatist move to the left has emerged as the latest front in the war to “fundamentally change America.”

How this happened is a complicated and disturbing story. Joining me to tell it is Justin Danhof director of the Free Enterprise Project at the National Center for Public Policy Research, who has waged a long battle against creeping leftism in corporate America.

And Matt Schlapp, Chairman ACU, which sponsors CPAC, and the founder of Cove Strategies, an advisor to many major corporations.

Effective ways remain for conservatives to push back against this trend.

Justin, Matt and I provide an insider’s view about what’s going on in corporate America and how to deal with its lurch to the left.