Episode 160: “An Army of Momma Bears” with Tony Perkins

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I open this show fondly quoting Shakespeare about how “one man in his time plays many parts.” He could have been writing about my friend and one of my personal heroes Tony Perkins Tony’s indeed a man of many extraordinary and effective parts. He’s president of the Family Research Council. He’s been chairman of the US Commission on International Religious Freedom and past President of the Council for National Policy. He’s a syndicated radio host. He’s an author of a terrific book called No Fear of New Generation Standing For Truth. He’s a Baptist minister. He was a Louisiana State Representative, a TV reporter, a Marine, a policeman and when he was five years old, he led his father to Jesus. In this wide ranging conversation we talk about his journey, the importance of faith for a thriving society and economy, the threat from China, but at about 14 minutes in we get to the heart of matter. The number one thing we have to do is take back control of education in America. The lockdowns gave parents – and really forced parents – to pay attention to what their kids were being taught in the schools. They saw clearly that schools have morphed from teaching children to excel in the basics and instead are working to train “social justice” activists. And parents are revolting against the all across the country. Tony explains, “We’ve been working with activists across the country that are requesting documents through the FOIA requests.” “My prediction is that this will eclipse the Tea Party movement of 2010 in the midterm election. Parents have had enough.” The midterm 2022 election will see energized parents and families in a wholly new way. As Tony puts it, “I see this as really a… it’s an army of mama bears that are being raised up across the country because if you get between a mama bear and her cubs you have a problem.” Parents are given the authority and the responsibility to teach and to train their children. Now you can delegate the authority to a public school, a private school or to a tutor, but you can never delegate the responsibility. Parents are the ones ultimately responsible for the training of their children. And parents understand that. The government schools are now not working in the best interest of our children or our families. In fact, they’ve been driving a wedge between parent and child. That’s the fundamental divide. Do you think that children should be raised by the state or do you think children should be raised by parents? Marxists say the State and our American education elite wholeheartedly agrees. Parents should just stay away from schools. Case in point, Attorney General Merrick Garland, who appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee, and defended his memo saying that because the parents are threatening the school boards with violence, he now is instructing the FBI and all the other instruments of the Justice Department to work with local authorities to prevent parents’ speech in schools. So concerned parents, and all Americans really, need to take a stand. “This is now how I close my radio program,” Tony clarifies. “When you’ve prayed, because He says that we’re to pray, and when you’ve taken your stand, when you’ve prepared and you’ve taken your stand, when you’ve done all, you stand. There is no retreat, there is no surrender, we stand firm.”

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