Episode 173: The Desecrators with Matt & Mercy Schlapp

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The subtitle of Matt Schlapp’s new book, written with Deal Hudson, sums up well why this book is a must read.   Defeating the cancel culture mob and reclaiming one nation under God   They write: “For half a century, people of faith have seen traditional ideas of morality undermined as a cascade of progressive revolutions impacted society. The waves of change hit the shores, but most nevertheless believed that families, the Church, truth, and education would all weather the storm.  But we were overconfident. We fought, but we also rested in the confidence that common sense and decency would prevail. It was impossible, it seemed, that the basic values held by our parents and grandparents would ever be challenged by charges of racism and, for many, their “whiteness.”  Each day now brings news that defies common sense; it’s as if the world has turned upside down and none of the old verities matter anymore. When a society begins to unwind, chaos ensues.  It’s now crystal clear that our opponents – The Desecrators – want to create confusion, undermine basic truths, and take down America.”   Matt and Mercy Schlapp join me for a compelling and highly personal conversation about our struggle to push back against these forces.  “What’s going on is much more diabolical than mere cancel culture,” warns Matt. “Everything that’s good, that’s true, that’s holy, that’s inspirational, that brings people joy is under a coordinated attack.”   As a close personal friend, I’ve watched Matt and Mercy withstand the onslaught of the Left. They’ve paid the price for fighting back. Ending up on the Antifa execution list and “no hire” lists because they worked for Trump, accosted by neighbors, fired by clients… Matt and Mercy Schlapp have faced this hell, continue to fiercely speak out and, as I have observed, ended up stronger. Partly it’s their love of country, but most importantly, it’s their faith and family.  “We feel very strongly that teaching our kids about our faith, getting them to church, praying together as a family is essential,” shares Mercedes. The struggle America’s struggle today is in part about principles and politics, but we need to face up to the reality that it is really about the brass knuckled raw exercise of power.  “Conservatives have to stop talking about the past and lofty notions of the way life should be. We need to start talking about what we want to do in the present. We can’t let ourselves be cancelled,” asserts Matt.   There’s a lot to unpack in this conversation with Matt and Mercy Schlapp. I hope you’ll find the time for their inspiring and trenchant observations.

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