Episode 174: “Race Marxism” with James Lindsay

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James Lindsay is someone who truly understands Critical Race Theory and doesn’t believe a word of it.

As James explains in this episode of The Bill Walton Show, 

“Critical Race Theory is a disaster. Critical Race Theory is the tip of a 100 year-long spear that’s being thrust into the side of Western civilization. In its simplest terms, CRT is Race Marxism.” 

Like Marxism, CRT is a fundamentalist religion, a comprehensive belief system that claims to address the fundamental questions of human existence. 

CRT rests upon a belief that racism is the fundamental organizing principle of society. It claims that racism is systemic and that it was created and maintained by whites to maintain their privileges and advantages over every other race. 

According to CRT, racism – as a form of power – can only flow from “whiteness” and it lays the problems of society on the doorstep of  “whiteness.”

Critical Race Theory questions the very foundations of the liberal order, including the principle of equality, legal reasoning, Enlightenment rationalism, and the principles of Constitutional law.

Like all other totalitarians before them, Critical Race Theorists are interested in reordering the world according to the vision contained in their Theory. 

But what its proponents are chiefly interested in is increasing power for themselves. 

James Lindsay, author of Race Marxism, is founder of New Discourses! which he calls a home for the politically homeless, especially for those who feel like they’ve been displaced from their political homes because of the movement sometimes called “Critical Social Justice.”

He is smart, engaging and funny – CRT easily lends itself to parody.

Listen in and learn. It’s worth your time.

Check out this episode!