Episode 176: “Ukraine First?” with Fred Fleitz and John Zadrozny

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For a wide ranging overview of how and why the Biden’s national and homeland security teams have made America more vulnerable on virtually every front, start here.
I’m joined on this episode by Fred Fleitz, Vice Chair of America First Policy Institute’s Center for American Security and who served as Deputy Assistant to President Trump and Chief of Staff of the National Security Council
John Zadronzy, Director of America First Policy Institute’s Center for Homeland Security and Immigration, and who served as Deputy Assistant to President Trump in the office of Senior Advisor for Policy.
As both Fred and John convey in our conversation, it’s hard to overstate the security risks America is facing today. From Ukraine and Russia to China and Taiwan to our own wide open southern Border, the Biden Administration seems incapable or unwilling to protect us.
Secretary of Defense Bob Gates wrote in his 2014 memoir that Joe Biden has been wrong about every national security question for 40 years. And now as President,
“We have one of the weakest presidents in history, in leadership and in foreign policy and one year of disaster after disaster, especially the withdrawal from Afghanistan, which was ordered by Joe Biden,” worries Fred.
And on the immigration front,
“We work from a certain assumption that every American president means the best for the republic and fights to serve the republic and in any way possible,” explains John. “I think though, what we’re seeing in almost every immigration issue is a forced failure.”
Instead of an American first policy, Biden seems hell bent on an America last. In his State of the Union Address, he doubled down. No calls for smarter 21st century defense spending as Russia and China ramp up their militaries. No reset of his anti-fossil fuel agenda, that has gas prices heading towards $5 a gallon and beyond. China seemed absent from his concerns.
Where is this going, and how does it end? Fred Fleitz and John Zadronzy offer an inside-the-White House perspective on all this, and more.
We conclude with Fred’s final thought, “as much as we feel for the Ukrainian people, we cannot get into a war with Russia.”
Wise words. Let’s pray the Biden Administration has the savvy to avoid one.

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