Episode 192: “National Security Realities: Threats and Solutions” with Brandon Weichert

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From the moment President Joe Biden’s administration took office, the world has grown a more dangerous place, and the pace is accelerating. 

There’s a long list of national security worries that didn’t used to be of concern to everyday Americans, but now are, or should be.

  • Russia, Ukraine and the prospects of a nuclear war.

  • China’s mounting threat to envelop Taiwan, a world leader and supplier of semiconductors and information technology. 

  • Collapsing political stability in the Middle East thanks to the administration’s blunders that have helped Iran’s quest to obtain nuclear weapons.

  • The mostly unreported Chinese and Russian quest to dominate outer space. The country that controls space controls the world.

  • And, maybe worst of all, the made-in-America war on fossil fuels, which has driven inflation sky high and made us dependent on our enemies for our energy.

Triggered by our disastrous cut and run from Afghanistan last year, the world’s bad actors have been emboldened by America’s weakness.

Like Thema and Louise, Joe Biden seems determined to drive us off a cliff.

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Joining me on this episode to see what we should and can be doing to keep America safe, is my returning guest, the brilliant Brandon Weichert, publisher of The Weichert Report. And author of  “Winning Space” and the soon to be published “The Shadow War: Iran’s Quest for Supremacy”.

Brandon, who has been called a “brilliant and anxiety inducing scholar,” has emerged as one of our most well-informed, original defense intellectuals since the great Herman Kahn. 

He tells us what we do not want to hear, but need to know, about the gathering threats to our freedom and prosperity. He also offers solutions.

Check out this episode!