Episode 96: “Making a Difference: HillFaith” with Mark Tapscott

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“If you wanted to aim at the heart of the matter to bring about a more virtuous Washington DC where would you start? 

For Mark Tapscott, the award winning investigative journalist, editorial page editor and founder of HillFaith, the answer is clear: share the Good News of His Gospel with congressional staffers on Capitol Hill. 

“If you were asked, who’s the most influential but least well-known group in Washington, DC, if you really understand how things work in this town, you would say immediately, ‘Congressional Staff.’ There are about 20,000 of them. They are mostly young men and women, highly educated, very motivated, and very smart.”

Mark, a member of the Freedom of Information Act Hall of Fame and recipient of the CPAC Conservative Journalist of the Year, explains further: 

“I knew that God was calling me to some sort of ministry and I kept coming back to the fact that virtually everything I’d done in my career included, directly or indirectly, contact with Members of Congress and especially with Hill aides.”

“They have a passion for public service and politics, who are also routinely over-worked, underpaid, and almost nothing gets done in Congress without them. They have tremendous power by virtue of their positions to influence public policy in this country, yet they may well be the most invisible power center in the nation’s capital.”

What’s unique about Mark’s ministry is his focus on Christian Apologetics, based in logic, on science, history, on wherever the truth can be accessed. “While all truth is God’s truth”, says Mark, “Apologetics is the ideal way to reach young people, particularly those on the Hill, unfamiliar with the truth of Christianity.” 

Mark is a remarkable man.

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