Alyona Wazeter

Alyona is a first generation Russian immigrant from Kazakhstan. She arrived in the United States at 17 years old, barely knowing any English and with $500 in her pocket in Houston, Texas. Today she’s a co-founder of Wazeter, Inc and a website designer and developer with a passion for finance. Alyona has a passion for America and the American dream in the kind of first generation immigrant fairy tale way – having come here with nothing but hope for a better life and the grit, grind and determination to make it happen. Fluent in Russian and English (to the point where every American is surprised she’s from another country!), having once achieved the highest score of 58,000 test takers for English and Russian fluency.

Episode Appearances

Episode 185: A Behind The Scenes Story Meeting with The Bill Walton Show Team


Guest(s): Bill WaltonAlyona WazeterFrank WazeterGreg CorombosRich McFadden

Listen in to a behind the scenes story meeting as the Bill Walton Show team speculates on what’s going on in the world. Starlink satellites and all the junk flying around in space, Elon Musk vs Jeff Bezos, Ukraine, the domino theory, Biden’s open borders, Alyona’s Kazakhstan take on Russia, media’s monolithic coverage of Ukraine, inflation, cooking oil and fertilizer prices, the insane (perhaps) Shanghai covid lockdown, the fragmenting world order and the dollar’s reserve currency status, what’s going on with China and Russia, corporate profits at all time highs … and more. Send us your thoughts about what we should cover.

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Episode 133: The Future of Policing in America


Guest(s): Bill WaltonAlyona WazeterFrank WazeterRich McFaddenGreg Corombos

The Bill Walton Show Roundtable worries about what the future of law enforcement could look like in this country.

In many cities, seasoned officers are rushing to retire – causing a major deficit as those positions are becoming harder to fill.

Increasingly, resisting arrest is becoming a badge of protest.  And rather than punishing law breakers, police officers are being demonized for doing their jobs.

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Episode 123: Trans Men in Women’s Sports


Guest(s): Bill WaltonMaureen O’DonnellGreg CorombosFrank WazeterAlyona Wazeter

On this episode, our TBWS Roundtable discusses the push by the radical woke left to let transgendered boy/girl athletes participate in girls and women’s sports.   After coming out strongly against trans men in women’s sports, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem recently vetoed a bill that would’ve banned it. Why? She says “it’s complicated” and she may be right.   

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