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In 2014, Matt Schlapp was unanimously elected as Chairman of the American Conservative Union (ACU), the nation’s original conservative grassroots organization.

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Episode 196: Freedom, CPAC, America and Winning the Next Election with Matt Schlapp

This episode is set in our mountainside house in Rappahannock County, Virginia for a wide ranging conversation with my friend, the always engaging and provocative Matt Schlapp, leader and Chairman of CPAC. We cover a lot of ground, with some of the highlights being: Why we believe we’re in the human flourishing business. Why the “diversity, equity and inclusion” mantra is a false God. How CPAC is finding that America’s founding principles and freedoms are resonating all over the world with its international events in Japan, Brazil, Hong Kong, and this week, Israel. What we think is the most important word in CPAC’s name. Where people who share our values should be investing their time and money. Why a “little bit of voter fraud and corruption” is unacceptable when it comes to our elections. What Ron DeSantis can expect if he becomes the Republican standard bearer. This is a fun conversation, especially as we joust and jest with my director Kenny, as the sun moves around the set.

Episode 173: The Desecrators with Matt & Mercy Schlapp

The subtitle of Matt Schlapp’s new book, written with Deal Hudson, sums up well why this book is a must read.   Defeating the cancel culture mob and reclaiming one nation under God   They write: “For half a century, people of faith have seen traditional ideas of morality undermined as a cascade of progressive revolutions impacted society. The waves of change hit the shores, but most nevertheless believed that families, the Church, truth, and education would all weather the storm.  But we were overconfident. We fought, but we also rested in the confidence that common sense and decency would prevail. It was impossible, it seemed, that the basic values held by our parents and grandparents would ever be challenged by charges of racism and, for many, their “whiteness.”  Each day now brings news that defies common sense; it’s as if the world has turned upside down and none of the old verities matter anymore. When a society begins to unwind, chaos ensues.  It’s now crystal clear that our opponents – The Desecrators – want to create confusion, undermine basic […]

Episode 161: “Whose Interest Does Big Business Serve?” with Justin Danhof and Matt Schlapp

In the past decade, America’s big businesses have increasingly moved to the political left. For evidence, take a look at their actions and stances on critical race theory indoctrination, vaccine mandates, radical climate change agendas, boardroom “diversity”, doing business and making common cause with a hostile China, etc … on issue after issue they align with the “woke” left. Now even the Federal Reserve and the Securities Exchange Commission are weighing in to support these agendas. What does this mean for ordinary Americans, and what can be done to push back? Joining me to explore this are: Matt Schlapp, Chairman of the American Conservative Union, which sponsors CPAC, founder of Cove Strategy, and long time advisor to major corporations, and Justin Danhof, Executive Vice President of the National Center for Public Policy, who has been waging a courageous battle against creeping corporate socialism for years. If you feel like American lovers of liberty are fighting against mounting odds, you are right. Even the big money management firms like Blackrock and Vanguard are pushing the left’s agenda. Whether cynics, or true […]

Episode 132: “Combating Woke Capitalism” with Justin Danhof and Matt Schlapp

For years, major American corporations have been drifting to the political Left.  Now that drift seems more like a tidal wave. Companies like Coca Cola, Delta Airlines … and even Major League Baseball have, for example, condemned Georgia’s legislature’s effort to protect free and fair elections.  And increasingly the very top echelons of many big corporations – the C Suites and the boards of directors – are filled with people on the left promoting a “woke” agenda. Household names like Levi, Nike, Air BnB, Blackrock, Ford, the NBA and Bank of America are now aligned with the Democrat Party. This corporatist move to the left has emerged as the latest front in the war to “fundamentally change America.” How this happened is a complicated and disturbing story. Joining me to tell it is Justin Danhof director of the Free Enterprise Project at the National Center for Public Policy Research, who has waged a long battle against creeping leftism in corporate America. And Matt Schlapp, Chairman ACU, which sponsors CPAC, and the founder of Cove Strategies, an advisor to many major […]

Episode 130: “Refounding America” with Mercy and Matt Schlapp

This past year has been filled with adversity, but with tough times can come great blessings. In my case, Sarah and I have found a wonderful blessing in our friendship with Mercy and Matt Schlapp and their five daughters. We all found ourselves locked down in our places in Madison and Rappahannock County, Virginia during the pandemic. So what did we do? We formed a “quarantine club” and got together on weekends to talk deeply and at length about what’s going on in America, and what we can do keep it a free country. Since this is my inaugural show on CPAC Now, we thought you might enjoy hearing from Matt and Mercy in a wide ranging conversation that’s very much like our informal get togethers. Of course, Mercy was director of communications strategy for the Trump-Pence reelection campaign, and Matt is Chairman and CEO of the American Conservative Union, sponsor of CPAC. Things have changed so much in society in recent years. As Matt points out, “What’s interesting is we’re all used to having conversations about public policy. Now, […]

about Matt

In 2014, Matt Schlapp was unanimously elected as Chairman of the American Conservative Union (ACU), the nation’s original conservative grassroots organization. ACU is committed to educating and converting those who may not know that they are conservatives as well as informing, inspiring and motivating those who are solid conservatives. They do this by hosting the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) and their Foundation (ACUF) has ranked every Member of Congress for 45 years.  ACUF also scores every state legislature as of 2015.

Matt’s executive branch experience began in President George W. Bush’s first term where he eventually served as White House political director and deputy assistant to the president. During his tenure at the White House, Matt advised the President, the Vice President, members of the Cabinet and senior White House staff and maintained extensive contact with members of Congress and federal agencies.

Prior to working at the White House, Matt worked on Capitol Hill as a press secretary, chief of staff and campaign manager to Representative Todd Tiahrt (R-KS). During Matt’s tenure, Tiahrt averaged an ACU Rating of 98%. He transitioned from the Hill to the presidential election in Austin, where he served as a regional political director.

Matt’s political commentary appears regularly in broadcast and print media, including FOX News, MSNBC, CNN, C-SPAN and in the Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, the Washington Times,  Politico, Breitbart and the Daily Caller. He is a columnist for The Hill newspaper and a co-host of CPAC 365, a weekly radio show on Sirius XM radio.