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Episode 168: “No Rights, No Games” with Chen Guangcheng, Reggie Littlejohn and Yaxue Cao

The 2022 winter Olympics in Beijing China opens a few weeks from now, and the International Olympic Committee’s 2015 decision to have China host the event looks ever more dubious. Since then, it’s become obvious to most observers that China, never a champion of human rights, is growing ever more oppressive. It’s Communist Party leadership has become even more deeply committed to preserving its monopoly on power through state sponsored repression, surveillance, and indoctrination. Witness its takeover of Hong Kong, the internment of Muslims in Xinjiang, the disappearance of tennis star Peng Shuai, its totalitarian social credit system, the Covid coverup and mounting threats to democratic Taiwan. So why are democracies from all over the world moving ahead to send their athletes to a country so antithetical to their values? My guests for this episode provide a first hand, clear eyed and stark assessment as to why they should not. Chen Guangcheng, a Chinese civil rights lawyer, was imprisoned and under house arrest by the Chinese government for seven years for his human rights activism. Since escaping to America he […]

Episode 63: The Power to Reengineer Humanity- Dr. Robert Epstein and Reggie Littlejohn


Episode 63.2: The Power to Re-engineer Humanity with Dr. Robert Epstein and Reggie Littlejohn

Dr. Robert Epstein and Reggie Littlejohn describe how a leaked internal Google video describes their goal of impacting the beliefs, attitudes, purchases, and votes of 2.5 billion people around the world.  

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