episodes about Taxes


Episode 76: Steve Moore on the Trump Economy

Last week I interviewed economist Steve Moore at a conference with conservative leaders. While the capital markets selloff and bad coronavirus news had not yet had hit galeforce levels, as it has this week, they were looming.


Episode 43: Trumponomics with Steve Moore

Ronald Reagan was a winner who believed in the boundless potential of America. Sound familiar? It’s one of the reasons Donald Trump is succeeding despite the relentless criticism. He “has a finger on the pulse of millions and millions and millions of Americans.” He beat 17 other candidates to get elected and then outsmarted Congress and his own advisers to get a much better tax bill. Learn how Trump gets what he wants on “The Bill Walton Show” with guest Steve Moore.


Episode 36: Why Talent Trumps Taxes with John Tamny and Ralph Benko

Lower taxes and less regulation are great for business, but some are thriving in high-tax states like New York and California. On my new podcast, Ralph Benko explains the “Tamny Axiom”. Hint: there’s something more valuable in those states than low taxes.


Episode 20: Our Disappointing Treasury with Peter Wallison

The American Enterprise Institute Fellow discusses the growth, and the threat of, the Administrative State.


Episode 14: Bill talks Tax Cuts and Jobs Act with Adam Michel and Rachel Greszler

It’s beginning to look like an opportunity squandered. Our pro-prosperity president wants a pro-growth tax package, but our Republican Congress cannot break out of self-imposed constraints and pass one. (Note: The information in this show is current as of November 11, 2017)


Episode 09: “Taxing and Spending” with Romina Boccia and Adam Michel

The Bill Walton Show: Episode 09 – I’m not sure what left the bigger impression on me after my visit with Romina Boccia and Adam Michel–the thorny difficulty of the federal government’s fiscal challenges or the mindsets of those we elected to deal with them.


Episode 06: “Everything You Need to Know About Economics (in only 45 mins)” with Dr. Arthur Laffer

The Bill Walton Show: Episode 06 – Dr. Authur Laffer, the famed economist who ushered in the era of supply side economics during the Reagan administration, sits down with Bill to discuss the policies that work, and those that don’t.


Episode 04: “Achieving 4% Economic Growth” with John Tamny and Steve Moore

The Bill Walton Show: Episode 04 – Bill engages economic experts Steve Moore and John Tamny on how to achieve the holy grail of economic growth.. four percent.