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THE BILL WALTON SHOW is a program of in-depth conversations with leaders, creatives, thinkers and activists from the worlds of policy, business, Wall Street, education, non-profits, political economy, film and the arts.

Join me each week as we tackle these areas of interest from all angles.

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-Bill Walton

I created The Bill Walton Show to provide a forum for in-depth and thought-provoking conversations with thinkers, leaders, artists, activists and simply, smart, original and interesting people.

The show aims to sync in real time with what the average American is thinking, experiencing and questioning. Most of us don’t feel things are going that well and are in fact, feeling pretty lousy about it. But there are also plenty of reasons for hope.

We’re in the midst of an information age explosion. But we need to know what’s true? What really matters?

The goal of this program is to dig into about what’s behind the curtain, explore “complicated” things and how they’re relevant and affect our day-to-day lives. What’s working, what isn’t, and why.

These are not the kinds of conversations that can take place in the world of 5-minute shout-zests on cable TV or talk radio.

“Life’s best insights can come from in-depth honest conversations with smart and interesting people sharing fresh perspectives, enlightening facts and compelling personal stories.“

Topics are wide ranging: money, public policy, personal growth, individual freedom, entrepreneurship, financial security, community engagement, sports, the arts, film, education and culture. And of course, politics.

Because of the many things I’ve done in my career, I’ve been encouraged to write a book. But I believe you can learn more from in-depth conversations with knowledgeable experts and people-in-the-arena, than from hours spent with a book. While I personally do spend a lot of time in research and reading, most people don’t have the time or desire to do the same. This show is for those people.

The perspective I bring is many years of experience as an executive, investor and entrepreneur where I have been involved with starting, leading and financing established businesses, start-ups, art, music, education and theater organizations, policy and political action groups and even feature films. (more on my background here). With a career in the arena trying to build and bring things about – many successfully, some not so much – I have a strong bias towards solutions that will work for people in the real world.

It’s essential that we operate with realistic expectations of what’s possible.

The reality of business, investing and management – and especially of politics – is that it’s hard to make good things happen. There are lots of failures that go along with success.

Good intentions are not enough. It’s only the results that work for people that count. We must be compassionate. Without compassion we are nothing. But that compassion must also be effective.

This is where politics enter the picture.

“I curse this century above all things for its having given all sentient beings very little alternative than to occupy themselves with politics.”
-William F. Buckley

Today in America, everything seems to have become political, and personal. And at the same time our politics look irretrievably broken and toxic.

Without getting into labels, I believe we know what works, what’s moral, and what makes people happy. For example, the principles of limited government, faith, free enterprise, freedom of speech, opportunity, human agency, a robust civil society, the rule of law and simple bourgeois virtues have proved themselves over the centuries.

What hasn’t ever worked anywhere are radical egalitarianism, radical individualism and especially, moral relativism. What also hasn’t worked is rule by professional politicians and “elites.” Yet that’s the bleak progressive future that too many seem to want.

The stakes are enormous.

To get engaged, join our conversation on The Bill Walton Show.

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