About the Show

The Bill Walton Show is a forum for in-depth and thought-provoking conversations with leaders, thinkers, artists, entrepreneurs and activists. Smart, original and interesting people…lovers of freedom and the American idea.

Join me each week as we tackle these areas of interest from all angles.

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-Bill Walton

How It All Started

I created The Bill Walton Show to provide a forum for in-depth and thought-provoking conversations with leaders, thinkers, artists, entrepreneurs and activists. In each episode, we look behind the curtain, exploring “complicated” things, how they are relevant and why they matter to our day-to-day lives.

The show was started pretty much as a hobby because I personally wanted an interactive forum where I could talk with and learn from smart and interesting people about money, culture and power. The big topics that don’t get covered very well.

We’re decades into an information age explosion, but instead of us knowing more, it’s become almost impossible to learn about what’s going on in the world from the usual sources. What’s true? What’s right? What really matters? What’s going to happen next? Cable news shout fests, Twitter wars and TikTok won’t tell you. Their aim is to sell ads by keeping you hooked with emotional gut punches.

Hosting the show has been an eye opening experience. The more I’ve learned from producing over 200 episodes, the more radicalized I’ve become.

We are witnessing a globalist, elite assault on liberty, limited government, faith, free enterprise, freedom of speech, opportunity, human agency, robust civil societies, the rule of law and simple bourgeois virtues. These institutions and virtues have brought about human flourishing repeatedly everywhere they’ve been tried over the centuries, bringing billions of people out of poverty and into liberty. Yet, they are under attack.

Their enemies are both without and within. China’s aggression, the spread of Marxist governments to most of the Americas, the real climate change agenda, identity politics, an “equity” movement that isn’t about equality … the list goes on and on.

These forces are an attack on human flourishing, and we need to push back.

But why a talk show and not a book? Perhaps because of my background as a CEO, investor and entrepreneur, I’ve come to believe that you can learn more from conversations with knowledgeable experts and people in the arena than from hours spent reading. The amazing founder of modern Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew, put it this way:

“You must not overlook the importance of discussions with knowledgeable people … which is much more productive than absorbing or running through masses of documents. Because in a short exchange, you can abstract from somebody who has immense knowledge and experience the essence of what he had gained.”

My audience has grown, but the show remains pretty much an off the cuff affair, attracting guests – some famous, others not – who are some of the leading players of our day.

The goal is to get at what’s true with fresh perspectives, startling facts and compelling stories. The war for hearts and minds rages, and we need to be armed with the wisdom and knowledge to win it.