Behind the Scenes

Probably one of the best episodes. I really like the depth and breadth of the discussion and it really opened my views on the concept and role of innovation in a country.

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Stella Morabito in Studio B

Bill with Steve Moore


Roxy Relaxing on Set with Bill


Jenin Younes, Todd Zywicki and Bill

Ed Feulner talking with Andrew Bremberg

Bill MC’s CNP

Bill and Sarah at CNP

Bill and Kenny discuss Shot

Jay Richards and John Tamny on Set with Bill

Rosemary Gibson on Set

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Tony LoBianco on Set
Tony and Alyse LoBianco with Bill

Bill in Action

Kenny Reff with Roxy

Bill with Mark Mills

Bill in Zoom Action

The Schlapp’s using our studio in Rappahannock
Bill doing Zoom show with Jim Agresti
Roxy Reff visits the set
Bill with guest John Scheurer on the set.

Bill and Buddy working together.

“Watching the Trump v Biden Debate”with Senators Mike Lee and Ted Cruz, Representative Louie Gohmert and Secretary Ben Carson”
Colby May and Donna Rice Hughes
Bill, Nina May, Donna Rice Hughes, Colby May, Sarah

Donna Rice Hughes on Set


DRH Filming
DRH Filming
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DRH Filming
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DRH Filming