what’s true. what works. what’s right.

money . culture . politics .
interesting people . interesting things .

money . culture . politics .
interesting people . interesting things .

what’s true. what works. what’s right.

money . culture . politics .
interesting people . interesting things .

money . culture . politics .
interesting people . interesting things .

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“I believe there are essential truths about what works, what’s moral and what makes people flourish. And that some of life’s best insights can come from in-depth honest conversations with smart and interesting people … that’s what this show is about.”

-Bill Walton

featured episode

“Excellent interview Bill, chuck-full of great information. I especially appreciated Myron Ebell’s calm, informative demeanor. When it comes to “climate change” that’s a rarity! Thanks again and keep it up.”

-Colby M. May, Esq. American Center for Law and Justice

“I loved the interview- You have built a very high-quality video production team.”

-Matt Naugle, Center for Urban Renewal and Education

“I recently watched your transition show with Meese and Nichols ...thoroughly enjoyed it and learned much.”

-John Fox Sullivan, (Former Mayor of Washington, VA)

“Great show, very informative.”

-YouTube Viewer

“Very enjoyable interview. Thank you Bill for bringing such great guests to this forum.”

-YouTube Viewer

“Probably one of the best episodes. I really like the depth and breadth of the discussion and it really opened my views on the concept and role of innovation in a country.”

-YouTube Viewer

recent episodes

Episode 83 "Calling for the Return of American Conservative Economics"

“There is more to life than economic freedom. And there is more to economic freedom than economic freedom. A society that attempts to maximize everyone’s freedom at every moment will fail miserably in preserving individual liberty and limiting government over time.”

Episode 82 "Assessing Beijing’s Power"

China presents a vastly different challenge from anything America has confronted before.

The United States economy has never been as deeply dependent on an oppositional government the way we are with China. We have outsourced significant portions of virtually every important supply chain to China.

Episode 81 "Life After the CoronaVirus: Planting the Seeds of Growth and Resilience"

The outbreak of the CoronaVirus has created a health crisis. But federal, state and local governments’ reactions to this challenge – however well intentioned – have created an economic crisis that will linger past any recovery from or stabilization of the spread of the disease.

Episode 80 "China Rx: America’s Dependence on China for Medicine"

“Millions of Americans are taking prescription and over-the-counter drugs made in China and don’t know it and neither do their doctors. These are prescription drugs in the legal supply chain that are distributed to U.S. hospitals, sold in corner drug stores and grocery store pharmacies, and distributed to military hospitals and clinics around the world,” explains Rosemary Gibson.

Episode 79 "Masks and Scarves and Overdraft Protection With Arnold Kling"

This week I sought out Arnold Kling to learn more about some of his innovative ideas to deal with the health, economic and social fallout from the Covid-19 crisis. Arnold, who blogs at arnoldkling.com/blog, author of “Specialization and Trade” and “The Three Languages of Politics” and with a PhD in Economics from MIT is one of America’s more original and penetrating thinkers.

Episode 78 "The health and economic crisis created by COVID-19 with Steve Moore and Jay Richards"

Join me as I talk with economist Steve Moore and Dr. Jay Richards about the health and economic crisis created by the coronavirus. And how to respond without all of our freedoms and civil liberties being trampled.