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Bill, this is why your program is different, better, and deeper than any other issue shows. I recognize that topics  (in episode 258) like NACs and made-up UN accounting are complicated and difficult, but without your review and analysis I would be clueless on something so crucial to liberty and private property ownership and use. Thanks for the tutorial. I needed it and only you delivered! Wow!”

-Colby M. May, Esq.
Director / Senior Council, American Center for Law & Justice

Featured Episode

Episode 262: Are you on a CIA or FBI list? with J. Michael Waller


Guest(s): J. Michael Waller

Once upon a time, the FBI and the CIA fought America’s criminals at home and enemies abroad. Now, at our great loss, they’ve become captured by the ideology and agenda of cultural Marxism. Moreover, as Tucker Carlson’s recent interview with Mike Benz revealed, the national security state has evolved into a main driver of censorship and election interference in the United States.

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Probably one of the best episodes. I really like the depth and breadth of the discussion and it really opened my views on the concept and role of innovation in a country.

-YouTube Viewer

About the Show

The Bill Walton Show is a forum for in-depth and thought-provoking conversations with leaders, thinkers, artists, entrepreneurs and activists. Smart, original and interesting people…lovers of freedom and the American idea.

“Pity the nation oh pity the people Who allow their rights to erode and their freedoms to be washed away”

-Lawrence Ferlinghetti

“Seldom do people think things through foolishly. More often, they do not bother to think things through at all, so that even highly intelligent individuals can reach untenable conclusions because their brainpower means little if it is not deployed and applied.”

– Thomas Sowell

“I believe there are essential truths about what works, what’s moral and what makes people flourish. And that some of life’s best insights into these things can come from in-depth honest conversations with smart and interesting people … that’s what this show is about.”

– Bill Walton

Recent Episodes

Episode 261: Last Warning to the West with Dr. Shea Bradley-Farrell

Hungary is a small country with less than 10 million people, landlocked in the middle of Europe. Seemingly irrelevant, it is hated by the woke globalists and it’s the focus of angry smear campaigns against it and its president, Viktor Orbán. Yet at the same time, it’s praised as a global leader for freedom and as a model of conservative values.

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Episode 260: How do we know what we think we know is true? with Jim Agresti

In this age of fake news, disinformation, shadow banning and government agencies like CISA aiming to manipulate what it calls our “cognitive infrastructure” it is hard to answer this question. 

To explore how we can go about finding what’s true and what is not,  Jim Agresti, the founder of Just Facts, returns to help clarify our thinking. 

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Episode 259: The Virtues and Beauties of Freedom with Jeffrey Tucker

When Javier Milei was elected president of Argentina in November, Argentinians empowered the first self-proclaimed “anarcho capitalist” as a head of state in modern history.

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Episode 258: Natural Asset Companies: A Scheme to Profit From the “Degrowth” Agenda with Margaret Byfield

On September 27, 2023, the New York Stock Exchange and the Intrinsic Exchange Group submitted a proposal to the Securities and Exchange Commission to create a new type of company called a “Natural Asset Company”, or “NAC” whose primary purpose would be to manage and grow so-called “ecosystem services” on land throughout the United States.

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Episode 257: Biden’s Foreign Policy Team Staggers into 2024 with Brandon Wiechert

Is 2024 going to be the year that determines whether the United States remains as the global superpower or whether it truly becomes a declining power surrounded by rising powers, especially China?

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Episode 256: The Sins of Arrogance and Stupidity are now Visited Upon the Children with Jennifer Sey

World-class gymnast, author, filmmaker, and next-in-line to become CEO of Levi Strauss, Jennifer Sey talks pandemic-era school lockdowns and the backlash she received for speaking out against the school shutdowns with Bill Walton.

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