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money . culture . politics .
interesting people . interesting things .

what's true. what works.
what's right.

money . culture . politics .
interesting people . interesting things .

money . culture . politics .
interesting people . interesting things .

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“I believe there are essential truths about what works, what’s moral and what makes people flourish. And that some of life’s best insights into these things can come from in-depth honest conversations with smart and interesting people … that’s what this show is about.”

-Bill Walton

featured episode

“Excellent interview Bill, chuck-full of great information. I especially appreciated Myron Ebell’s calm, informative demeanor. When it comes to “climate change” that’s a rarity! Thanks again and keep it up.”

-Colby M. May, Esq. American Center for Law and Justice

“I loved the interview- You have built a very high-quality video production team.”

-Matt Naugle, Center for Urban Renewal and Education

“I recently watched your transition show with Meese and Nichols ...thoroughly enjoyed it and learned much.”

-John Fox Sullivan, (Former Mayor of Washington, VA)

“Great show, very informative.”

-YouTube Viewer

“Very enjoyable interview. Thank you Bill for bringing such great guests to this forum.”

-YouTube Viewer

“Probably one of the best episodes. I really like the depth and breadth of the discussion and it really opened my views on the concept and role of innovation in a country.”

-YouTube Viewer

recent episodes

Episode 85.2 "A conversation with Michael Pack, Chief Executive Officer of the U.S. Agency for Global Media"

In part two of my conversation with Michael Pack, I talk with Michael about what it's like to be a conservative filmmaker in today's America and how documentaries have become almost the exclusive playground of the left. Michael Pack is an extraordinary man. President and co-founder of Manifold Productions, he has produced and directed over 15 documentaries, broadcast on PBS and has had an incredib ...

Episode 87.1 "Reality Economics 101 with Don Boudreaux and John Tamny"

A must see and wide ranging conversation about all things economic with Donald Boudreaux, best-selling author, professor of economics at George Mason University who writes the popular blog Cafe Hayek and John Tamny, editor of Real Clear Markets, an editor for Forbes Magazine and the author of “The End of Work” and “They’re Both Wrong.”

Episode 86 "The True Human Costs of Government Imposed Lockdowns with Jim Agresti"

Medical studies show that excessive stress and anxiety are among the most debilitating and deadly of all health hazards in the world. 


Beyond their obvious effects like suicide and substance abuse—these mental stressors are strongly related to and may trigger and inflame a host of ailments like high blood pressu ...

Episode 85.1 "A Conversation with Michael Pack, the Director of “Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words”"

Join me as go behind the scenes with writer, director and producer Michael Pack about the making of his extraordinary film about Justice Clarence Thomas. 

Distilled from over 30 hours of interviews during a six-month period with Justice Thomas and his wonderful wife Ginni, for the first time, he tells his entire ...

Episode 84 "Post Pandemic K-12 Education: Why We Don’t Want a Return to “Normal”"

What comes next when we emerge from the COVID-19 lockdown? What is “normal” is going to be like? Well in the case of America’s K-12 schools we should not want a return to normal, where “normal” means a nation where fewer than 30% of students - and fewer than 15% in poor communities - read, write, spell, do math or know history, science, or civics on grade level. “With the doors to m ...

Episode 73 "Big is Beautiful"

What do you think about the following statements? Small businesses are overwhelmingly responsible for job creation, innovation and American prosperity. Small businesses are more productive than big companies. And small business owners are the core of democracy in America. Yet Washington, controlled by big business and engaged in “crony capitalism,” systemically discriminates against smal ...