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Bill on Secure Freedom Radio 01/19/22

Bill talks with Frank Gaffney about: China’s President Xi’s jawboning at Davos to keep interest rates low. President Biden picking climate radical Sarah Raskin for Fed Vice Chair. West Virginia’s State Treasurer firing BlackRock as a manager of its $8 billion fund. Transcript: Frank Gaffney (Read More

Bill on Secure Freedom Radio 1/11/22

Frank Gaffney (00:00): We're back, and as is our privilege each week, we are featuring our guest next, Bill Walton, the host of The Bill Walton Show, a terrific television podcast. He is also the forme ...

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Bill on Secure Freedom Radio 12/14/21

Frank Gaffney (00:00): We're back. And as is often the case about this time each week, we have the chance of visiting with Bill Walton. He is a master of the universe. Now recovering, I should say, fr ...

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Bill on Secure Freedom Radio 12/6/21

Frank Gaffney (00:00): We're back and a pleasure to say we are joined by Bill Walton, a man that is a frequent guest of this program. In fact, just about every week, we talk with him about matters inv ...

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Bill on Secure Freedom Radio 11/29/21

Frank Gaffney (00:00): Welcome to Secure Freedom Radio. This is Frank Gaffney, your host and guide for what I think of as an intelligence briefing on the war for the free world. We are always privileg ...

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Bill on Secure Freedom Radio 11/17/21

Frank Gaffney (00:00): One of the battle spaces that we understand and must attend to in that war, is the financial and economic battle space. And man who has worked in it, understands it well and is ...

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Bill on Secure Freedom Radio 11/9/21

Biden is threatening to shut down another American pipeline. With energy costs already skyrocketing, look for a tough winter ahead for ordinary Americans in keeping their houses heated.

Willful destruction or blithering ignorance? Virtually no one in the Biden Administration has any private sector experience. Take your pick, the bad consequences remain the same.

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Bill on Secure Freedom Radio 11/2/21

The Glasgow Climate Summit. Joe Biden now seems to require an 85 car entourage. 

Cutting carbon emissions to zero by 2050. No one signing up will ever do this. What are the real agendas behind this Kabuki Theatre.

Blackrock’s Larry Fink and other major U.S. based financial firms are still aggressively ...

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Bill on Secure Freedom Radio 10/18/21

Hypersonic missile technology, missiles detectable only from space. China now has it and the United States apparently does not. China buys its semiconductors from Taiwan’s Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) to make them. This is a problem.

Testing rockets requires simulations using artificial intelligence capabilities provided by two Silicon Valley compan ...

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Bill on Secure Freedom Radio 10/12/21

China’s continuing efforts to steal essential military technology from the United States. Our current Defense Department leadership seems incapable of protecting key technologies. America needs to rethink what “war” really is in the 21st Century. The Chinese believe in total warfare: culture, economic, kinetic, technology, etc and America needs to respond accordingly. Has th ...

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