Audience Feedback

Stacey Sauter

“I instantly became hooked on Mr. Walton’s warmth and intelligent manner of interviewing his guests —  a nice contrast to the five-minutes of rehearsed talking points or shallow conversations we mostly hear in today’s news. Instead, by giving his remarkable guests air to let their discernible intellect breathe, every one of Mr. Walton’s shows are like opening a bottle of fine wine and where listening becomes a rich indulgence.”

Reed Griffin

This website is a treasure trove of intellectual riches, offering a cornucopia of valuable insights and engaging content. The administrator’s commitment to delivering high-quality, thought-provoking articles is truly admirable. With each visit, I am enthralled by the depth of research, the clarity of thought, and the eloquence of expression displayed in every post. The administrator’s ability to connect diverse ideas, present complex concepts with ease, and stimulate intellectual discourse is truly exceptional. This website has become my trusted companion on my quest for knowledge and personal growth. I am immensely grateful for the administrator’s unwavering dedication to providing a platform that fosters intellectual curiosity, encourages critical thinking, and inspires a lifelong love for learning.

Rosemary E.

Frightening episode [about the regulatory state], but I’m glad I listened.

R. Taylor

My absolute favorite podcast — I’m always waiting for a new episode to emerge. From the classy jazz music opening to the highest intellectual dialogue the show truly enlightens and delights me. Thank you so much!

Leeshen Li

Absolutely love this program. Love truth and facts over popularism and emotionalism.

Karen C.

Thanks Bill and John for doing these shows. I learn so much! The format makes me feel like I’m sitting around a table with friends. Really intelligent conversation that adds much value to the world.

Vijaya Viswanathan

This channel is a hidden gem – Thanks for the great content

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Thank you, Bill for these wonderful videos! I look forward to each one.

Karen C.

Thank you Bill for doing such brilliant and interested programs. We look forward to each one, and hope you keep them going in 2022! We appreciate your inquisitive mind, and share this quality with you.

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Always enjoy the show.  Always love the program…this is such a great channel…come on everyone…like and subscribe and comment..!!

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You should be thanked more often. Thank you.

J. Marie

This is such a fantastic program…thumbs up everyone !!

Ed Cottingham

Wow! Not the Bill Walton I remembered as a Bruin basketball player. The man has EVOLVED, and in a very thoughtful, positive way.

David Etcheberry

Fantastic! Thank you Bill Walton for arranging this interview.

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Beautiful sets and beautiful ideas, keep up the good work.

Leeshen Li

Absolutely love this program. Love truth and facts over popularism and emotionalism.

J. Marie

Such a well produced channel…thanks Mr. Walton.

Eddie Bruce

More people should listen to this Man !!!

Eric granholm

You always have a really good show. Thanks for taking the time to put them out.

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Wow…you have two of my favorite writers on at the same time. Go!. Mary & Jarrett should team up more often. I bought their books in hardcover when they came out. They inspired me to start my own little channel.

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I’m an artist so I’d like to comment on the art that captures my attention so that I have to go back and pay more attention to the discussion.

Joyce Jackson

This video is so good. It put to words what is the truth! Makes my blood boil. Thank you for sharing this broadcast.

J. Marie

Always love Bill’s podcast.. well done… subscribe everyone..!!

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Thank you Mr. Walton for producing this show. It broadcasts opinions and facts which cannot be broadcast elsewhere.

Thomas Daly

Beautifully presented, I’m only a minute in and I’m really impressed by the quality of the show.

Joseph Bertie

Thank you. That was terrific.

Richard Schneck

Excellent interview Bill. Thanks for the exposure to such a sensible conversation.

Mathew MacCaughey

Thank you sooooo much for having James Lindsay on. He gives me so much hope, I learn something new every video of his I see.

Sunny Day – YouTube Viewer

Thank you, Gentlemen, for raising a discussion few are brave enough to have. Well Done !!

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Excellent conversation. Thank you.

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Thank you, Bill, Justin and Matt! I’ve been astounded by the new wokeness of big businesses, and now I’m beginning to understand. This is vitally important for conservatives and anyone who values their freedom to know about and then to work to counter this Marxist infiltration into yet another area of our society.

Rosemary Eshghi

Very informative, thank you! Well worth taking the time to view Walton’s show.

Rob Vel

This was pretty amazing – changed a lot of my preconceptions.

Andy Walker

Even though Bill Walton obviously has had a very successful business career, I feel as though he is a regular guy who has an opinion, but doesn’t pretend to know everything. I’d love to have him over for a summer picnic and just chat about what made him so successful – or baseball …. There are very few others like him and his guests. It is great to see a little humility from someone so accomplished.

Mark Tapscott-HillFaith

Bill Walton has one of the most interesting digital interview shows you will find anywhere on the Internet, thanks to the wide variety of challenging and relevant topics that interest him and the routinely superb quality of guests he features (well maybe not quite always, as he did have yours truly on last year!).

Abigail Bologa

I’m revisiting this talk and realize, “Wow! This is what intellectual civil discourse looks like”. These two brilliant minds are talking heavy and complex subjects but don’t display fear our outrage like the annoying radical left. I need to aspire to have this kind of composure when speaking about these topics.

Wiesia Fascio

What a pleasure to listen to these men.

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They all have such soothing voices.

Caleb Salvatore

Brilliant thought leaders!

Connie Kline

Fascinating discussion.

Joyce Jackson

This video is so good. It put to words what is the truth! Makes my blood boil. Thank you for sharing this broadcast.

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Another slam dunk for Bill Walton.

Craig Sawyer

I really appreciate this chat, which fits right with all my personal observations throughout my lifetime and career inside 4 agencies and 60 countries. I’ll definitely be sharing this and encouraging others to consume its important contents.

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I’m looking forward to the rest of this conversation. Excellent topic.

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Like your style Bill.

Ray Dirkin

Very good, honest, civil discussion. I miss us being able to calmly debate our opinions.  It’s becoming a mad world. Godspeed patriots. VOTE.

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I was expecting to see the OTHER Bill Walton, talking about the cosmos, the American Grizzly bear’s mating habits and Oregon’s state bird.

Chris Wilder

Amazing information..thank you for your hard work.

Josifini Waqainabete

Very, very interesting discussion. Please Americans who are patriots of your country share this valuable information.

James Nutt

100 thumbs up.

Wendy Peppercorn

Very fascinating! Wow! Thank you for this podcast.

Maria Johnson

I’m loving this.

Isak Bonaventura

Wow, what a video!! Pass it on to who ever you know!

Daniel Millen


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When did he retire from basketball?

Jim Parker

I was really happy to stumble onto this today. Bill’s programs are always very good. I’m really dismayed that so much harm has already been done to the economy – so much of which seems to have been made on the weakest imaginable data.

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This show, Conversations with John Anderson, and RexTV are always must watch podcasts. Intelligent and well produced, always engaging.

Micha Getty

This was a great episode and thank you for lighting a candle instead of cursing the darkness.

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This show can be described with only two words: SIMPLY BRILLIANT!!  This and the Overtime Show are GOLDEN! Frank Gaffney is a BRILLIANT guest! THANK YOU!

Richard Schneck

Thanks Bill for hosting such an informative show/seminar.

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WOW! Simply brilliant! Thank you, Bill Walton!

Bruce Hurst

I am really glad I found this interview through a link from the Heritage website. Looking forward to learning more.

Dennis Prager

“What’s better than ‘argument’? Proof.”

Dennis Prager

“What you do regularly really mounts up.”

Colby M. May, Esq. American Center for Law and Justice

Excellent interview Bill, chuck-full of great information. I especially appreciated Myron Ebell’s calm, informative demeanor. When it comes to “climate change” that’s a rarity! Thanks again and keep it up.

Matt Naugle, Center for Urban Renewal and Education

I loved the interview- You have built a very high-quality video production team.

John Fox Sullivan, (Former Mayor of Washington, VA)

I recently watched your transition show with Meese and Nichols …thoroughly enjoyed it and learned much.

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Great show, very informative.

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Very enjoyable interview. Thank you Bill for bringing such great guests to this forum.

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Probably one of the best episodes. I really like the depth and breadth of the discussion and it really opened my views on the concept and role of innovation in a country.