Bill on Securing America 11/1/22 Part 2



Securing America with Bill Walton (part 2) November 1, 2022

Frank Gaffney (00:10):

Bill Walton is in the house. Welcome back. We’re going to be continuing our conversation a little bit more about Brazil and then turn to other topics. Bill, there’s a report I believe out of Mexico that I caught, and I wondered if you had seen it and if not have any thoughts about it, that Tony Blinken, the Secretary of State of the United States, has been involved in conversations with Manuel Lopez Obrador, the radical leftist who runs Mexico these days. Well, runs it alongside the drug cartels, of course. But they have apparently been discussing the idea of having some new European Union style arrangement between the various nations of this hemisphere that would, as with Europe, give rise to some new sort of supranational organization under which the various sovereign states would be subordinated and not so sovereign at that. Have you seen anything along these lines? Would it surprise you if that’s what these guys have in mind, and how bad an idea would it be?

Bill Walton (01:18):

Well, this is like that line from Casa Blanca where they’re in the casino and somebody expresses dismay that there’s gambling going on. Lincoln is nothing if he’s not an open border globalist event on having elites dominate societies and putting together a European style block with Kennedy, United States and Mexico would be a dream. Of course, that would dramatically shrink U.S. sovereignty. And we’ve seen in Europe, the EU hasn’t exactly worked out all that well for the people in Europe, even economically, they’re shrinking.

Frank Gaffney (01:58):

Yeah, that’s for sure.

Bill Walton (01:59):

And so to try to bring that here is just another really bad idea and something we need to fight.

Frank Gaffney (02:05):

Amen. Speaking of things we need to fight, Bill, another dream of the hard left, of course, is the idea of moving us away from nasty fossil fuels in favor of sustainable, as they call it, wind and solar power and the like. Bill, we’re about to run out of diesel fuel as a result, it seems of this deliberate desire and policy of forcibly weaning us from such fuels. Talk about what the implications of a diesel, well, not just shortage, but outage would involve.

Bill Walton (02:55):

Well, the backstory here is that this diesel shortages have been brought to us by largely… I mean, there are other sort of normal seasonal factors at work, but a big part of it is that we’ve cut off exports or imports from Russia of distillates that go into diesel fuels. I mean, it’s more technical than that, but essentially we’ve cut back supply dramatically. And the implications of running out of diesel means that our big trucks, the 18 wheelers, aren’t going to have the fuel to run on, and that’s going to also be another shock to our supply chain, food supply and the economy in the United States. And Frank, the political class is just absolutely clueless about it all.

Frank Gaffney (03:39):

And trains too, as I understand it, Bill, it’s not just the trucks, it’s the rail system too.

Bill Walton (03:46):

Well, yeah. I mean, but it’s just… We’ve seen this before three years ago, two and a half years ago, we shut down the economies because of the COVID “crisis” and lockdown of the economy and that we still have not recovered from. Tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of business have gone under because of that. And now we’ve got the same thing where we’ve got the political class saying, “Well, we need to have sanctions on Russia.” And who pays the price? Ordinary people, we’re going to pay a big price this winter, not only with shortage of diesel fuels, but heating oil. I mean, if you’re up in New Hampshire or Maine where it gets very cold, a lot of this shortage is occurring on the East Coast and they’re going to pay a big price for this, our latest adventure in Europe.

Frank Gaffney (04:35):

No question about it. Well, adventures is one way to describe it. It’s domestic policies as well as foreign that are compounding this. No doubt about it. Bill, one of the things I know you’ve been concerned about as a conservative movement leader is election integrity. You’ve also had, as a guest on your show, as I understand it several times, Robert Epstein who was featured prominently in a terrific, I have to say, our long program on Tucker Carlson’s Today show, which is a feature of Fox News… Excuse me, Fox Nation. And Robert Epstein was talking about Google’s ability to manipulates public opinion, particularly in the context of elections. And he had some absolutely stunning statistics on the basis of modeling and simulations that he’s done that have helped give real insight into what Google is up to.


I know you haven’t had a chance to look at this show, but the main takeaway from it is that for me at least, there is a bias built in to what Google is doing and that they did in the 2020 election. He was able to bring it to the attention of Senator Ted Cruz, and Senator Cruz and two of his colleagues apparently engaged very directly with the leadership of Google and persuaded them to turn off the bias algorithm or mechanisms, so as not to influence the runoff election in Georgia in 2021. It seems as though if this mechanism is operating in this midterm election, it needs to be turned off now. Wouldn’t you agree?

Bill Walton (06:37):

I would so agree. Well, I haven’t seen it. I’ve had Robert on for I guess two or three shows a year or two ago, and what he was saying then is just as true now, and I’m sure he shared this with Tucker. The thing about Robert is that he is not a wild-eyed conspiracy guy. He’s a very careful scientist, and in fact, he’s a very hardcore liberal voter [inaudible 00:07:00].

Frank Gaffney (07:00):

Let alone, a conservative.

Bill Walton (07:01):

What’s that? Yeah, he’s not a conservative.

Frank Gaffney (07:05):

Let alone, a conservative.

Bill Walton (07:06):

But he would quote as the favorite phrase is now he’s followed the science and he has looked at the Google search engine and putting it quite simply, if you type in a search phrase into Google that these results turn up, and of course, you can easily manipulate what people think about what’s going on by the search results that show up. And just for fun, go home and try this at home, try to type in something like Fetterman and Google will probably show you all the favorable articles about what a great candidate that we have in Pennsylvania.

Frank Gaffney (07:41):

Perfect example. Bill, we have to leave it at that. I’m afraid we are hard out of time. Thank you for yours, and thank you for joining us all. I hope you’ll do so again next time. This is Frank Gaffney, over and out.


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