Bill Walton on Securing America – 1/21/23 (Part 2)



Frank Gaffney (00:10):

Welcome back. We are continuing our conversation with Bill Walton. We are talking about energy and what the absence of it might mean for you. What if, just a thought experiment folks. What would your day be like if you had no electricity?


We’ve all had the experience generally, briefly, thank God of a storm interfering with our service. But think about it. What if it’s not just a day in your life, but what if it’s every day for the foreseeable future? Would you live? Quite possibly not. And this is one of the takeaways from a marvelous man who has really done as much as anybody, along with Peter Pry to raise the alarm about this, Dr. William Graham, who was with us at the premiere of Grid Down Power Up in Los Angeles.


And he points out that if the grid goes down and stays down nine out of 10 of us, and that’s a conservative estimate, frankly aren’t going to make it. So we all have an interest in this. Check out what you can do after watching the film, ideally to get in touch with people who are supposed to represent you and protect you at


Bill, you mentioned Al Gore. Al Gore has of course become notorious since he left public service for his often over the top rants about the climate change crisis. Apparently he unburdened himself of a real stemwinder at DAVOS. I didn’t see it myself, but tell us about it and what’s the takeaway from it?

Bill Walton (01:58):

Well, picture this. You’ve got a man probably there in a $2,000 suit. No, I’m underestimating, $5,000, $6,000 suit. He’s in DAVOS and he’s ranting like somebody you might see on the street who you would shy away from if you had your kids with you.

Frank Gaffney (02:19):

In an altered state, if that.

Bill Walton (02:21):

Just when you think Al can’t get any worse, he does. He’s the GIF that keeps on giving. And I’ve got a few excerpts of what he said. He said, “The greenhouse gases atmosphere. Accumulated amount now trapping as much extra heat as would be released by 600,000 Hiroshima class atomic bombs exploding every single day on earth.”


So I don’t know where he gets his science, but he goes into boiling the oceans. Talking about rain bombs sucking moisture out of the land, creating droughts. And here’s the big one. We don’t have a southern border. We’ve talked about that, that’s a big problem. We don’t have a country, if we don’t have a border. But he now claims that these are climate refugees and that we’re going to have tens of millions of climate refugees that are product of climate change.


And so the man on every single point that you’re wondering who he’s been talking to. But of course he doesn’t get around much. What does he have a Gulf Stream or does he have a Boeing? I think he might …

Frank Gaffney (03:33):

I’m not sure, but I think it produces greenhouse gases in copious quantities, doesn’t it?

Bill Walton (03:37):

I mean, look at DAVOS. There are over a thousand private jets there and not little ones. I mean these are Gulf Streams. These are big jets that cost, I don’t know, you take the jet fuel probably $15,000, $20,000 an hour. So somebody jetting over to DAVOS is probably spending $250,00, $300,000 just in jet fuel. And by their claim-

Frank Gaffney (04:01):

To say nothing of carbon footprint though.

Bill Walton (04:03):

Well, yeah.

Frank Gaffney (04:03):

The fuel, the costs, that’s nothing. It’s the footprint that we have to be concerned about.


I mean, all kidding aside, you’ve done a lot of programs I think on this climate change business. You’ve heard from proponents, we all do all the time. Some of them hysterical like Al Gore. Some of them like AOC propounding this idea that the world will end in 12 years if we don’t keep the climate temperature rises to some arbitrary level.


You’ve also talked with skeptics about all this. Where do you personally come down on the reality of whether the climate is rising or not? And if it is rising, if it’s caused by well, Al Gore’s plane and others’ carbon footprints or whether it’s actually a function of historic dynamics of the climate and natural phenomenon?

Bill Walton (05:08):

Well, there’s just so many ways to attack that question, Frank. The essence of this is is the world warming? Yes, slightly in the last a hundred or so years. Is that caused by manmade activity? Perhaps a little bit. But by far, if you look at the records of climate going back hundreds of thousands, millions of years, the Earth right now is a lot cooler than it’s been during most of that time. And I had a wonderful-

Frank Gaffney (05:37):

Before the industrial age included.

Bill Walton (05:38):

Before the industrial age, before we had the internal combustion engine. Did a wonderful show with Jerome Corsi who wrote the book on [inaudible 00:05:49].

Frank Gaffney (05:48):

Wickedly smart guy.

Bill Walton (05:49):

He’s a PhD and he is an absolutely rigorous thinker. And we got into the whole CO2 issue. And if you think about CO2, it’s a trace element in the atmosphere. And most of the greenhouse gasses-

Frank Gaffney (06:04):

Meaning, there’s not very much of it, right?

Bill Walton (06:08):

I used the analogy with him, if the atmosphere with the size of a basketball court, how much space would the CO2 take up? And he said, “Like a fraction of an inch.” So it’s not the driver of trapping greenhouse gases. That turns out to be water. And if you look at all the things that influence climate, the sun, most importantly and the tilt of the Earth and all the other science that we went into on the show, the evidence is just not there.


Is there global warming? A little bit. Is it man-made? Probably not. If it were man-made, what would we have to do to stop it? Well, what we’d have to do to stop it is shut down western civ, actually all of civilization and shut down the modern global economy. And by the way-

Frank Gaffney (06:59):

And people are trying to do that and it’s having now devastating effects, is it not?

Bill Walton (07:04):

You always steal my best punchlines.

Frank Gaffney (07:05):

Oh, I’m sorry. This is why we do jazz together.

Bill Walton (07:09):

That’s exactly it. And Jerry and I talked about. There’s an agenda here. I mean if you look at what’s happened with climate, we all love the climate. We all love animals, we all love greening. I mean, that’s not a controversial issue. But what’s happened is the climate has been hijacked by agendas. And it’s been climacked backed by the people who hate capitalism. It’s also been captured by people who are making billions of dollars from the subsidies for green energy. And every single [inaudible 00:07:40]-

Frank Gaffney (07:40):

Which has its own problems which we’ll get-