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Karen C.

“Thank you Bill for doing such brilliant and interested programs. We look forward to each one, and hope you keep them going in 2022! We appreciate your inquisitive mind, and share this quality with you.”

-Karen C.

YouTube Viewer

“Thank you, Bill for these wonderful videos! I look forward to each one.”

-YouTube Viewer

Leeshen Li

“Absolutely love this program. Love truth and facts over popularism and emotionalism.”

-Leeshen Li

R. Taylor

“My absolute favorite podcast — I’m always waiting for a new episode to emerge. From the classy jazz music opening to the highest intellectual dialogue the show truly enlightens and delights me. Thank you so much!”

-R. Taylor

Rosemary E.

“Frightening episode [about the regulatory state], but I’m glad I listened.”

-Rosemary E.

Reed Griffin

“This website is a treasure trove of intellectual riches, offering a cornucopia of valuable insights and engaging content. The administrator’s commitment to delivering high-quality, thought-provoking articles is truly admirable. With each visit, I am enthralled by the depth of research, the clarity of thought, and the eloquence of expression displayed in every post. The administrator’s ability to connect diverse ideas, present complex concepts with ease, and stimulate intellectual discourse is truly exceptional. This website has become my trusted companion on my quest for knowledge and personal growth. I am immensely grateful for the administrator’s unwavering dedication to providing a platform that fosters intellectual curiosity, encourages critical thinking, and inspires a lifelong love for learning.”

-Reed Griffin

Stacey Sauter

“I instantly became hooked on Mr. Walton’s warmth and intelligent manner of interviewing his guests — a nice contrast to the five-minutes of rehearsed talking points or shallow conversations we mostly hear in today’s news. Instead, by giving his remarkable guests air to let their discernible intellect breathe, every one of Mr. Walton’s shows are like opening a bottle of fine wine and where listening becomes a rich indulgence.”

-Stacey Sauter

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