episode 78: The health and economic crisis created by COVID-19 with Steve Moore and Jay Richards

Join me as I talk with economist Steve Moore and Dr. Jay Richards about the health and economic crisis created by the coronavirus. And how to respond without all of our freedoms and civil liberties being trampled.

Yes we need to move decisively to address the virus. But by focusing too narrowly on just disease control, we risk losing much or most of what makes America great. As always, I learn a lot from Jay and Steve.

For example, I had thought the coronavirus death rate comparable to that of the seasonal flu, but Jay explains it’s more complicated than that.

And as Steve explains, the tradeoffs are much more complicated than simply “kill your grandma or boost the Dow Jones Industrial Average.”

We explore the many policy proposals driven by partisan politics, China’s role, the World Health Organization, the Left’s agenda, and what this crisis mean for President Trump’s re-election prospects.

This is a fast moving issue with a lot of moving parts. Steve and Jay do a great job putting this all into perspective.

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