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Episode 137:   “How Financial Regulations are Reshaping America” with Todd Zywicki and Brian Johnson

June 13, 2021

If you think a show about financial regulation is likely to be boring, I ask you to think again.

Financial regulations are really about money.

And in particular, ordinary Americans’ money.

Consumer credit and credi ...

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Episode 136:   Why Republican Glenn Youngkin could become the next Governor of Virginia

June 7, 2021

The most politically important election in America takes place this November - the race to become the next governor of Virginia.

This race will not be just about Virginia. It will be the first statewide election since Joe Biden took office, and will also be a referendum: How do voters feel about where Joe Biden and Kamal ...

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Episode 135:  “A Woke CIA is a Broke CIA” with Fred Fleitz and Mike Waller

June 2, 2021

“I used to struggle with imposter syndrome, but at age thirty six I refuse to internalize misguided patriarchal ideas of what a woman can or should be. I am tired of feeling like I'm supposed to apologize for the space I occupied rather than intoxicate people with my effort, my brilliance. I am proud of me, full stop.” 

Episode 134: The TBWS Roundtable on “Joe Biden’s Horribles”

May 30, 2021

My friend Paul Teller keeps a running (and depressing) list of the destructive actions taken by Joe Biden’s Administration.

Joe Biden has been in office for just a few months and already the list is a mile long.

Paul, who was a top aide to VP Mike Pence and is now hi ...

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Episode 133: The Future of Policing in America

May 25, 2021

The Bill Walton Show Roundtable worries about what the future of law enforcement could look like in this country.

In many cities, seasoned officers are rushing to retire – causing a major deficit as those positions are becoming harder to fill.

Increasingly, resisting ...

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Episode 132: “Combating Woke Capitalism” with Justin Danhof and Matt Schlapp

May 23, 2021

For years, major American corporations have been drifting to the political Left. 

Now that drift seems more like a tidal wave. Companies like Coca Cola, Delta Airlines … and even Major League Baseball have, for example, condemned Georgia’s legislature’s effort to protect free and fair elections. 

Episode 131:  “The Chinese dominance of your medicine cabinet” with Rosemary Gibson

May 16, 2021

When you think of all the things in your house that are "made in China", one thing you may not realize is how many medicines are.  

That bottle of aspirin? Made in China. Penicillin? Made in China. Even something as simple as Vitamin C is produced in China.

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Episode 130: “Refounding America” with Mercy and Matt Schlapp

May 11, 2021

This past year has been filled with adversity, but with tough times can come great blessings.

In my case, my wife Sarah and I have found a wonderful blessing in our friendship with Mercy and Matt Schlapp and their five daughters. We all found ourselves locked down in our places in Madison and Rappahannock County, Virgini ...

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