Phil Magness

I am an economic historian whose work focuses on the United States and the broader Atlantic world. My research explores the intersection of history and political economy, including the 19th century as well as longer term trends in the macroeconomy such as taxation, trade, and economic inequality. I also work on the political economy and business ethics of higher education.

Episode Appearances

Episode 117: “Sim City” COVID with Phil Magness and Jeffrey Tucker


Guest(s): Jeffrey TuckerPhil Magness

In this Episode, we continue our conversation with Jeffrey Tucker and are now joined by Phil Magness also with the American Institute for Economic Research regarding the current state of the nation due to the Coronavirus. How does the handling of the virus remind us of the video game “Sim City”? What does the future hold now that the vaccine is starting to be distributed? We also discuss what the role of politics has played in the pandemic.

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Episode 141: Debunking the 1619 Project with Phil Magness


Guest(s): Phil Magness

It’s becoming quite clear that one of the central aims of Critical Race Theory is to delegitimize and diminish the political and moral achievement that is the United States of America.

And with their 1619 Project, the New York Times has weighed in to rewrite American history by deconstructing institutions responsible for our prosperity and our success: free market capitalism and the United States Constitution.

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