Scott Parkinson

Scott Parkinson is a Christian, husband, father, son, brother, uncle, nephew, cousin, friend, and conservative Virginian. He has lived in Arlington with his wife and growing family since 2009.

Scott believes it is time for new conservative leaders like him to step up and run for political office because too many career politicians like Tim Kaine and Joe Biden have failed the American People and are completely disconnected from economic and cultural reality.

Episode Appearances

Episode 236: “It’s High Time to Retire Senator Tim Kaine”: Talking with Senate Candidate Scott Parkinson


Guest(s): Scott Parkinson

This show only occasionally gets into election politics but we now have a candidate for U.S. Senate from Virginia who is superbly equipped to run a substantive campaign articulating the real issues facing Americans.

In this episode I’m introducing Scott Parkinson, who’s running for the Senate in the Commonwealth of Virginia, to replace Virginia Senator Tim Kaine.

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