episode 82: “Assessing Beijing’s Power” with Dean Cheng and Klon Kitchen

China presents a vastly different challenge from anything America has confronted before.

The United States economy has never been as deeply dependent on an oppositional government the way we are with China. We have outsourced significant portions of virtually every important supply chain to China.
America has even lost its manufacturing capabilities to make aspirin, penicillin and a lot of essential antibiotics.

Chinese Communist Party leaders are fundamentally similar to its old emperors. In 5,000 years of Chinese history, it has never seen the development of democracy, or the development of an independent judiciary.
China is not a “rule of law” society and views the law as an instrument for keeping the Chinese Communist Party in power. It has neither a civil society or an independent press.
And today, they are leaning heavily on their technology sector as a tool to enable a type of “techno-totalitarianism.”

So explain Dean Cheng Senior Research Fellow, Asian Studies at Heritage Foundation, where he oversees Chinese security and economic issues and,
Klon Kitchen who leads technology policy at Heritage Foundation as Senior Research Fellow for Technology, National Security and Foreign Policy

We are learning that we have big problems with China. Join me as I talk with Klon and Dean about how we work our way through this mess.
We will, but as they say, “it’s going to be complicated.”

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