Klon Kitchen

Klon Kitchen leads tech policy at the Heritage Foundation.

As Heritage’s first Senior Fellow for Technology, National Security, and Science Policy, Klon steers an enterprise-wide, interdisciplinary effort to understand and to shape the Nation’s most important technology issues. This is the first effort of its kind at Heritage and it is another example of how the organization is providing innovative ideas and solutions—guided by conservative constitutional principles.

Klon’s personal research focuses on the intersection of technology and national security, with particular interest in artificial intelligence, autonomous weapons systems, Space, and intelligence issues. He is also a frequent commentator on privacy issues, social media, and the tech industry in general.

A popular speaker, Klon gives talks around the world on topics related to technology and national security, international cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and social media. He is also a frequent contributor on television, radio, podcasts, and other media.

Prior to joining Heritage, Klon was National Security Advisor to Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska and also the Staff Director of the National Security and International Trade and Finance Subcommittee for the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs. In these roles he was the Senator’s primary foreign policy and national security advisor, he managed and mentored the Senator’s foreign policy and defense staff, and he guided the execution of key legislative priorities.

Before his time on the Hill, Klon spent more than 15 years in the United States Intelligence Community working on counterterrorism, counterproliferation, covert action, and cyber issues. During this time he deployed to multiple combat zones and was awarded a number of honors, including the civilian combat support medal, the civilian expeditionary medal, and a special commendation from the Commander of Joint Special Operations Command.

Klon and his wife Tracy live in Maryland where they are active members of their church and where they are raising their four children—Ava, Ethan, Olivia, and Norah.

Episode Appearances

Episode 70: “China, Cyber-enabled Economic Warfare, 5G and Cyber-crime” with Klon Kitchen


Guest(s): Klon Kitchen

Cyber warfare is raging around the world, with China as the leading state actor. But unlike Russia, and unlike Iran, and unlike North Korea, China is deeply integrated into the US economy and many aspects of our national strength. This is one reason why Congress wanted to learn from my guest Klon Kitchen about the Chinese app TikTok.

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Episode 38: Bill speaks with Klon Kitchen and Dean Cheng on Reckoning with China


Guest(s): Klon KitchenDean Cheng

Over the past forty years, since Deng Xiaoping began his policy of “Reform and Opening,” the People’s Republic of China (PRC) has evolved from a less developed country to the second largest gross domestic product (GDP) in the world. Over the past 25 years, it has also steadily transformed the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) into a force that is capable of influencing regional, and increasingly global, security environments.

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