EPISODE 77: “Countering the Lethal Narrative of the 1619 Project” with Kenneth Blackwell and Bob Woodson

“The most effective way to destroy a people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.” George Orwell

According to the New York Times, the true founding of the United States of America did not begin with the Declaration of Independence in 1776.

Rather, the Times informs us, it occurred in 1619, the year 20 or so African Slaves were brought to Jamestown, Virginia and the American Revolution occurred primarily because of the American’s desire to keep their slaves. Consequently, “America is irrevocably and forever rooted in injustice and racism.”

My guests Robert Woodson and Kenneth Blackwell emphatically do not agree, and Mr. Woodson has launched the “1776 Project” to refute the Times claims.

“I was particularly outraged that the New York Times would exploit America’s birth defect of slavery and weaponize race and use the conditions of the black community as a bludgeon against this country’s character, almost defining it as if it’s a criminal organization,” says Mr. Woodson. “What they are doing is insulting by implying that all blacks are victims and should be pitied.” Ken Blackwell goes on, “the 1619 project is nothing but a group of apologists for the expansion of the welfare state. What we should be doing, and what Bob’s “1776 Project” is about, is the creation of opportunities and individual empowerment in society. As Frederick Douglass said, we all have to be agents of our own well-being.”

Join me as we dig into the competing narratives of the 1619 vs 1776 projects. As Bob and Ken make clear, the side who wins this debate will likely steer the future course of America.




Episode 262: Are you on a CIA or FBI list? with J. Michael Waller

Once upon a time, the FBI and the CIA fought America’s criminals at home and enemies abroad. Now, at our great loss, they’ve become captured by the ideology and agenda of cultural Marxism. Moreover, as Tucker Carlson’s recent interview with Mike Benz revealed, the national security state has evolved into a main driver of censorship and election interference in the United States.

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Episode 261: Last Warning to the West with Dr. Shea Bradley-Farrell

Hungary is a small country with less than 10 million people, landlocked in the middle of Europe. Seemingly irrelevant, it is hated by the woke globalists and it’s the focus of angry smear campaigns against it and its president, Viktor Orbán. Yet at the same time, it’s praised as a global leader for freedom and as a model of conservative values.

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Episode 260: How do we know what we think we know is true? with Jim Agresti

In this age of fake news, disinformation, shadow banning and government agencies like CISA aiming to manipulate what it calls our “cognitive infrastructure” it is hard to answer this question. 

To explore how we can go about finding what’s true and what is not,  Jim Agresti, the founder of Just Facts, returns to help clarify our thinking. 

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Episode 259: The Virtues and Beauties of Freedom with Jeffrey Tucker

When Javier Milei was elected president of Argentina in November, Argentinians empowered the first self-proclaimed “anarcho capitalist” as a head of state in modern history.

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Episode 258: Natural Asset Companies: A Scheme to Profit From the “Degrowth” Agenda with Margaret Byfield

On September 27, 2023, the New York Stock Exchange and the Intrinsic Exchange Group submitted a proposal to the Securities and Exchange Commission to create a new type of company called a “Natural Asset Company”, or “NAC” whose primary purpose would be to manage and grow so-called “ecosystem services” on land throughout the United States.

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