EPISODE 77: “Countering the Lethal Narrative of the 1619 Project” with Kenneth Blackwell and Bob Woodson

“The most effective way to destroy a people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.” George Orwell

According to the New York Times, the true founding of the United States of America did not begin with the Declaration of Independence in 1776.

Rather, the Times informs us, it occurred in 1619, the year 20 or so African Slaves were brought to Jamestown, Virginia and the American Revolution occurred primarily because of the American’s desire to keep their slaves. Consequently, “America is irrevocably and forever rooted in injustice and racism.”

My guests Robert Woodson and Kenneth Blackwell emphatically do not agree, and Mr. Woodson has launched the “1776 Project” to refute the Times claims.

“I was particularly outraged that the New York Times would exploit America’s birth defect of slavery and weaponize race and use the conditions of the black community as a bludgeon against this country’s character, almost defining it as if it’s a criminal organization,” says Mr. Woodson. “What they are doing is insulting by implying that all blacks are victims and should be pitied.” Ken Blackwell goes on, “the 1619 project is nothing but a group of apologists for the expansion of the welfare state. What we should be doing, and what Bob’s “1776 Project” is about, is the creation of opportunities and individual empowerment in society. As Frederick Douglass said, we all have to be agents of our own well-being.”

Join me as we dig into the competing narratives of the 1619 vs 1776 projects. As Bob and Ken make clear, the side who wins this debate will likely steer the future course of America.




Episode 277: “NATO Taunts Russia” with Stephen Bryen and Brandon Weichert

This episode examines the three explosive national security crises the United States and world are embroiled in today, any one of which could escalate into igniting a World War III.

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Episode 276: Is Technology a Force for Good or Evil?

For the last 200 years, innovation and technology have produced dramatic increases in living standards and our quality of life. 

Yet today there is a widespread and growing belief that technology has become the root of all evils with all sorts of claims being made that it destroys privacy, spreads misinformation, undermines trust, and democracy, eliminates jobs, discriminates by race, and gender, increases inequality, rips off the consumer, harms children, and even threatens the human race.

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Episode 275: We won the Cold War and lost the peace : A Tour de Force with Erik Prince and Stephen Bryen

Ronald Reagan collapsed the Soviet Union, liberated the captive nations of Central Europe and restored “Europe Whole and Free.”  But what happened after that haunts the Free World to this day.

Former Navy U.S. Seal and founder of the private military company Blackwater Erik Prince declares “We are fighting wars the wrong way.”

Stephen Bryen, known as the “Yoda” of the Arms Trade, is a former Deputy Undersecretary of Defense and founder of the Defense Technology Security Administration.

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Episode 274: “Behind the Curtain: Unveiling the Arabella Network’s Vast Influence on U.S. Politics”

In this episode of The Bill Walton Show, Bill wades into the murky waters of the Left’s “dark money” manipulation of American politics with Scott Walter and Kristen Eastlick with the Capital Research Center. 

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Episode 273: Investing in a Polarized America: Federalism and Entrepreneurship with Jim Pinkerton

In this lively episode of the Bill Walton Show, Bill talks with Jim Pinkerton in a thought-provoking discussion about investing in the turbulent waters of today’s toxic political climate. With a focus on the stark Red-Blue divide in America, Jim offers a contrarian view that it’s fertile ground for what he terms “directional investing.” 

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