About Backstage with Bill Walton

We’ve created Backstage with Bill Walton, a companion piece to The Bill Walton Show, as a place to explore more artistic, personal, cultural and even spiritual matters than we can cover on TBWS.

The channel is meant to be a playful mix of columns, audio readings, and interviews with interesting people from all spheres of life.

We will use this space to enlighten, entertain, ask thoughtful questions and explore off-the-beaten-path non-traditional experiences.

While the headline summary for my bio is my experience as a CEO and on Wall Street, I’ve probably spent as much or more time in the arts, sports, music, education, theater and feature films. (I’m even president of my local volunteer fire & rescue company.)

We all seem obsessed today by politics, including me, but most of the really important things that matter to people can’t be solved by politics. Instead, there are thousands of ways to thrive in our personal spheres, even during a time of lousy political leadership.

I’m a big believer in the power of “human agency,” a five dollar word that essentially means taking responsibility for our own lives. So expect us to explore what that means.

For the past few years, I’ve been learning about “voice” from the amazing Leigh Smiley. I thought if I was going to get into podcasting, I ought to know something about the craft of voice.

What’s happened since then is that, working with Leigh, I’ve developed a passion for reciting Shakespeare and poetry. It’s now become a fun hobby of mine so expect some of that, too.

This channel isn’t meant to be a linear experience, so if you have some thoughts about what we should be covering send them our way.