Resolute Protector Foundation

Resolute Protector Foundation (“RPF”) is a 501(c)(3) media production company that creates and produces original, educational and entertainment content, distributed to the public on major digital media and streaming platforms and cable television channels.

Presently, RPF creates and produces video and audio podcasts called “The Bill Walton Show”, which is produced in RPF’s studios in Washington, Virginia and Chevy Chase, Maryland. RPF’s aim is to provide educational, entertaining, thought-provoking and insightful content on multiple public media platforms in collaboration with a diverse group of thinkers, leaders, researchers, entrepreneurs, artists, entertainers and advocates.

The creation and production of The Bill Walton Show is presently the primary activity of RPF, accounting for essentially all of its time and budget. In the future, RPF anticipates creating and producing other digital and film content, focused on and aligned with the educational mission of RPF.

William L. Walton, who is the President and Chairman of the Board of RPF, is the host of the show, with other media talent brought in as guests and guest hosts. Initially, RPF was funded by Mr. Walton’s personal contributions. In the future, RPF anticipates receiving additional financial support from sponsors, donor and joint venture partners who align with its mission.

RPF from time to time provides grants to certain aligned 501(c)(3) organizations through its affiliate, the Resolute Protector Fund. However, such grant making accounts for an insubstantial amount of RPF’s time and resources.

The exempt purpose of RPF is to educate the public by producing attractive content with the goal of fostering knowledge and appreciation of the importance of protecting free enterprise and individual opportunity, freedom of speech and religion, human agency, innovation, a robust civil society and communities, the rule of law and limited government, family and family.

RPF also champions worldwide democratic engagement, raising awareness about global human rights, women’s rights and religious rights issues, and advancing the protection of vulnerable minority populations. It is also concerned with protecting habitats and species around the world.