Bill on Secure Freedom Radio 9/2/21

Bill talks with Frank about:

  • The Chinese Communist Party is trying to enlist its “old friends” in the U.S. like the Chamber of Commerce to prevent legislation they perceive as tough on China.
  • George Soros writes in the Financial Times warning investors away from investing in MSCI China. Why? We need to follow this closely.
  • More on the hypocrisy of Larry Fink’s BlackRock urging fund investors to increase their allocation to China while at the same time demanding corporations’ strict ESG compliance everywhere else.
  • China’s Chairman Xi doesn’t seem to care about crushing the value of many significant Chinese companies. Investors need to beware. 
  • It seems that America’s “enemy within” is becoming more dangerous than our “enemy without” foreign adversaries.
  • It’s time to stop calling the enemies of freedom “progressives.” We need to call them what they are: Marxists. And our defense and corporate establishment must stop making common cause with them.