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Critical Race Theory

“Race Marxism” with James Lindsay

James Lindsay is someone who truly understands Critical Race Theory and doesn’t believe a word of it.

As James explains in this episode of The Bill Walton Show,

“Critical Race Theory is a disaster. Critical Race Theory is the tip of a 100 year-long spear that’s being thrust into the side of Western civilization. In its simplest terms, CRT is Race Marxism.”

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The Strange Rabbit Hole of Theory with James Lindsay

If it’s possible to have a fun and entertaining conversation about political correctness, critical race theory and the state of being “woke”, this is it. Joining me is James Lindsay, PhD, Co-author of Cynical Theories and founder of the newdiscourses.com website and podcasts. James, who has been called the Donald Trump of Intellectuals (meant as an insult), because of his courage to take on political correctness, guides me down through the stranger and stranger rabbit hole of “Theory.”  

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