“The Afghanistan Debacle: What it Means for Americans” with Dr Stephen Bryen and Kyle Shideler

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The Afghanistan debacle. 

An in-depth look at its implications with Dr Stephen Bryen, Senior Fellow at the American Center for Democracy and Kyle Shideler, Director and Senior Analyst for the Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, both with the Center for Security Policy. (Let’s hyperlink to their bios on the CSP website)

So many questions. Why did we leave so precipitously? Who was behind it? Where do we go from here? 

Why, when President Trump proposed withdrawing US troops, did the US military tell him that was a bad idea and that they wouldn’t do it. 

But then, when Mr. Biden announced a complete pullout and retreat, there wasn’t a word from the Pentagon saying we shouldn’t do it. 

In fact, they embraced it. 

And now Biden has the audacity to blame Trump for something he never did.

What does this means for future of the United States? What was in our national interest by cutting and running from Afghanistan? 

 The Taliban now have enough arms, including all the equipment that we left behind that it’s larger now than seven or eight European states and Ukraine. 

Look at a map. China is eyeing the $1 trillion of minerals and wealth in Afghanistan that could be exploited. The Turks want the Kabul airport and Bagram Air Base. Russia is eager to court the Taliban. 

 And Iran, who Obama and Biden want to replace the United States in the Middle East, is now back in the picture. 

Biden’s intentions? 

We are in the middle of a major strategic retreat,” say Dr Bryen, “Not only in Afghanistan, but everywhere in the Middle East and the Pacific.”

For the first time ever, the Biden Administration directed our office of the Director of National Intelligence to do reports on domestic threats, not international threats.

“I think there is definitely something about the Biden administration,” says Kyle Shideler,  “that they see actual enemies abroad as friends and they see fellow countrymen who disagree with them as enemies.”

So does Biden have no foreign policy? 

“No, he has a foreign policy,” explains Stephen Bryen, “retreat from obligations to our allies and former allies as much as possible, line up with Iran and then find a way to make a deal with the Chinese. I think that’s coming. I think we’d be fools not to realize that he’s going to sell us out in China.” 

Strong words. But after you listen to this, I think you will agree.

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