EPISODE 263: CPAC 2024 Panel – The Globalists’ Threat to Sovereignty: the WHO and UN Climate Agenda



CPAC 2024 Panel | The Globalists’ Threat to Sovereignty:
The WHO and the UN Climate Agenda
A CPAC 2024 Panel | February 24, 2024
• Bill Walton, Host of the Bill Walton Show
• Frank Gaffney, Executive Chairman, Center for Security Policy
• Margaret Byfield, Executive Director of American Stewards of Liberty
• Brandon Weichert, Author of Winning Space: How America Remains a Superpower
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Bill Walton: [00:00:02] Well, the theme of this year’s conference is where globalism
goes to die. We have a lot of work to do. The global governance agenda is wrapped in
obsession and secrecy. It has to be because the global governance agenda is at its
core. It is, at its core, a de-growth agenda. It’s an anti-human freedom agenda. It’s an
anti-property rights agenda. It’s fundamentally anti-human. In this panel, we want to
share a couple of the latest instances of their power grab and some of the things we’ve
got to face down. One is the UN’s climate change agenda and the other, and you’re
seeing the badges around the conference, the World Health Organization’s latest
attempt at a massive power grab. I’ll describe briefly what the W.H.O. threat is about.
Just tip of the iceberg. Don’t have enough time to get into it completely. And then
Margaret Brennan and Frank will amplify some of the [00:01:00] other areas and some
action steps. The W.H.O. At a meeting of the World Health Assembly starting in May
27th, just 90 days from now, the World Health Organization will likely adopt two
agreements one amending the existing international health regulations, the other a new
so-called pandemic agreement ostensibly intended to prevent and guide responses to
future pandemics. The new agreements would require the US and the 195 other
supposedly sovereign states to give the Who Director general the authority to
unilaterally, unilaterally, to declare public health emergencies of international concern
anywhere in the world and dictate what must be done by nations in response.
Bill Walton: [00:01:57] The W.H.O. director would be able to declare [00:02:00] a public
health emergency or the potential for one, without meeting any specific criteria. Exactly.
W.H.O. edicts would become compulsory. The proposed amendments replace the word
may with shall in over 100 places. In addition, the world nine non-binding has been
deleted to make the recommendations of the Who binding. Some of the directives that
the director general and his wisdom could issue could include quarantines, masks,
mandatory testing. Vaccination requirements, lockdowns and border closures with
vaccine passports. This has the active support of the World Economic Forum, the
European Union, the world Bank, Bill gates, Big Pharma, the Chinese [00:03:00]
Communist Party and the Biden administration. I might add, if you don’t already know
this, the Gates Foundation is the second largest contributor to the W.H.O. So. And it
also has the Biden administration’s strong support, which means they’re driving this to
say that they’re not going to characterize these as treaties, which means they don’t
have to receive US Senate confirmation or approval. So they’re bypassing it, and they’re
going to make this thing happen in late May if we don’t stop it. And, of course, unless
the United States withdraws from the World Health Organization, it’s going to be bound
by whatever the majority of the members decide. A majority of the members agree
upon. So with that set up, Margaret, would you tell us a little bit more about what the
United Nations is up to and your work there?
Margaret Byfield: [00:03:57] So this whole agenda is about controlling the people.
[00:04:00] And that’s what we’re seeing with the Who. But one of the key ways that they
are able to do this is by controlling our land. We have to understand how important it is
that we, the people in America, own our property. And America was founded on the idea
that the way we would control our government is if the people owned the land. And
that’s the key thing that the Biden administration is doing right now. Six days into his
administration, he launched a program called 30 by 30. 30 by 30 is an international
agenda to permanently protect 30% of the world’s lands and oceans by 2030. That
means in America, he is trying to permanently protect 30% of our nation off limits to
human use. And he has been doing this since six days into his administration. We
jumped on this campaign. That’s what we do. We’re a property rights organization and
we’ve been fighting it for the last three years. [00:05:00] However, in September of
2021, as we were tracking this issue, we also picked up another issue that is a tandem
issue and really the next step in this agenda. We picked up an item where a group
called Intrinsic Exchange Group, which is funded by the Rockefeller Foundation,
partnered with the New York Stock Exchange to create something called Natural Asset
Accounts. And what they are doing with these, with these accounts or natural asset
companies. What they are doing with these companies is they are trying to create an
investment vehicle where ecosystem services, and I know that’s a big term. Ecosystem
services could be enrolled into these natural capital accounts.
Margaret Byfield: [00:05:45] And the world elites could then profit from those. What
would be enrolled in these accounts, the ecosystem services from things like our
national parks. Wilderness areas. Conservation easements on private [00:06:00] lands,
and they would take these ecosystem services, which includes something that is even
more diabolical. They’re trying to create a new property, right? They are trying to make
things like pollenization and photosynthesis a property, right, which they will own via its
enrollment through these natural asset companies. This is absolutely diabolical. Nobody
has a right to own these things. These are things that are not property that all of us
need. But that is what they were doing with the natural asset companies. In on October
4th of last year, the SEC Security Exchange Commission issued a proposed rule to
approve these in 45 days. Thankfully, we were able to jump on this and we enlisted the
help of Frank and Bill, and we got Congress alerted to what was going on. And we’re
able to get a number of key delays so [00:07:00] that on January 18th, the New York
Stock Exchange pulled out and pulled their application to do this. So this this fight isn’t
over. We’re still fighting 30 by 30, and there’s a lot of these other agendas. But here’s
the thing. I want the audience to understand. If the one takeaway you take away from
this is number one, we can beat these things. But number two, here’s what I want you to
remember why property right is so important to everything we do. And that’s this. Either
you have the right to own property or you are property.
Brandon Weichert: [00:07:39] Well, and building off those excellent remarks, I think
that the self-described progressives really should be called what they are, which is
Marxists or communists. And the key to understanding the Marxist cabal’s threat to
America [00:08:00] is through their organizational capability. If you take a small cadre of
people and you give them superior organizational abilities with a shared goal, they will
be able to defeat a larger group that’s not disciplined. This is why this group is so
important here, because you are forming the organizational backbone of our movement.
But we’ve seen now with the World Health Organization, the United Nations and other
international bodies that they have been co-opted by the Marxist globalist cabal, and
they are using the tools and capabilities of these organizations that were technically
initially founded after the Second World War to help protect us in the Cold War from the
communists. They’ve been co-opted by the communists, and they are now using all of
the sovereignty that we’ve ceded to these groups to basically try to destroy the United
States. But they’re not working alone. And we saw this during 2020 when the pandemic
that was released from Wuhan came out, and basically [00:09:00] the World Health
Organization went from being a pandemic response group to becoming an apologist for
XI Jinping’s China. And this is a critical point to understand the World Health
Organization, all these internationalist groups have been not only co-opted by
communists in our own country, but they have been co-opted by the Chinese. The
Chinese have been spending tens of billions of dollars to basically buy influence in
groups like the World Health Organization, so that they can fundamentally change the
United States by using the power of the World Health Organization to impose Chinese
style communist diktats upon us, using our own elites to do it.
Brandon Weichert: [00:09:43] And that is why you had in the United States in 2020
lockdowns. You had this movement among our elites to basically replicate the policies
of China, these draconian anti-freedom, anti-human policies. Right now, they are
currently attempting [00:10:00] to pass through the global pandemic treaty, which, if
they can get that through, it will give the World Health Organization a stunning amount
of power to completely eradicate our freedoms here in the United States. And so even
the Human Rights Watch, I was researching this. Even Human Rights Watch, very
liberal organization, has said that it is a fundamental imposition upon individual rights,
and it serves corporate and elite interests over the rights of the individuals. And if you
lose Human Rights Watch on the left, you’ve pretty much shown how radical you truly
are. And so my solution, and this is going to tee up Frank for some great comments. But
my solution here is if there is a free and fair election this year, Donald Trump will win.
And if Donald Trump wins my, I would beg him to please pull us out of the World Health
Organization. Yeah. But [00:11:00] not just the World Health Organization, every
internationalist group, especially the United Nations. And to bring back America’s
sovereignty so that we the people can do what’s in our best interest, not the interests of
the global communist conspiracy. Thank you.
Bill Walton: [00:11:27] Great. Frank Gaffney.
Frank Gaffney: [00:11:30] Well, thank you. Much of what needs to be said about the
World Health Organization has been said. Let me just compliment what Bill and
Brandon in particular have mentioned to you already. The theme of this meeting. And I
want to thank God for it. And Matt Schlapp and Bill Walton is where globalism goes to
die. It will not die of natural [00:12:00] causes. Ladies and gentlemen, it must be killed.
And if it is to be killed. It has to start somewhere. This is the battle where it starts to
prevent the World Health Organization. An organization that, as you may have noticed.
During the recent unpleasantness of the Covid pandemic. Demonstrated not only its
incompetence, but its malfeasance, its subordination. As Brandon has just said to the
Chinese Communist Party and its line. It was as a result of this advisory body telling us
that the thing the virus came out of nature, a wet lab, that it was not really very
communicable and that, among other things, [00:13:00] what we needed to do in
response to it was what has come to be called the China model. The lockdowns. The
social distancing, the mandates of various kinds, including jabs with so-called vaccines.
As you’ll hear from Doctor Malone and others today. That are actually more dangerous
than the disease itself.
Frank Gaffney: [00:13:29] And as Brandon said. That’s what you can expect if these.
Entities. These individuals like Tedros Ghebreyesus. The director general has the
authority going forward, as Bill said. To not only declare what is a public health
emergency of international concern, but to tell us what we must do about it. Now here’s
the kicker. If [00:14:00] it were just that they will screw up the next pandemic. Especially
if it’s brought to us by their masters, the Chinese Communist Party. It would be bad
enough. But Bill sort of alluded to this. What if Tedros Ghebreyesus, in his infinite
wisdom, decides that, uh oh, climate change, right, is a public health emergency of
international concern, or maybe reproductive rights, or maybe immigration, or maybe.
Americans. Gun violence. Well guess what? Yeah. If this treaty. And by the way, there’s
another parallel set of agreements that are going to amend the International Health
regulations. All of this, by the way, is being done in secret, basically. You now know
more than just about anybody in the United States Congress about what the heck is
going on here. And that is a travesty. Ladies and gentlemen. [00:15:00] Because as
among others, Margaret has said nothing less than entrusting public health policy for
this country to an unelected, unaccountable communist.
Frank Gaffney: [00:15:15] International bureaucrat who made a hash up of what he
was assigned to do when he just had advisory power. So here we are, ladies and
gentlemen. In three months, all other things being equal. These agreements will be
approved. Brent is right. If Donald Trump gets to office, and I hope we’ll hear from him
about this today. He’s already said he’s going to get us out of the World Health
Organization. But what happens? What happens if six months before he gets the
chance? Hopefully. They start locking these things in, locking in the [00:16:00]
responsibility to determine when we have a public health emergency and what we must
do about it. Locking in digital IDs for every human being on the planet, which will not
only be used for health surveillance, but also to monitor everything else about you. The
social credit system of the Chinese Communist Party. In short. Or how about this?
Institutionalizing under the direction of the World Health Organization. Censorship. I
mean, there’s a lot of that going on as it is. But what happens if we now have a new
dictator for the globe saying any misinformation or mal information or disinformation
according to their lights? Must be censored.
Bill Walton: [00:16:47] It’s in the documents, Frank.
Frank Gaffney: [00:16:49] It’s in the documents. Imagine that authority if they have
these agreements approved. So my appeal to you, ladies and gentlemen. Before
Donald Trump gets [00:17:00] a chance to do something about this. Help us defeat
these agreements. The problem is my last point. The problem is the process is rigged.
Not only rigged because they’re not telling you what’s going on, you’re not supposed to
know, let alone have a say, let alone approve it. What they’re going to try to do is blow
this through. They don’t think they have to bring it to the United States Senate. Ron
Johnson, senator from Wisconsin, great American, tried to get the Senate to agree that
anything they came up with had to come to them in the Senate for their advice and
consent. You know what happened? 49 senators said, we’re not going to do our job.
Only 47 said we would. So here’s the point. We may not be able to stop this treaty, but
what we can do. With your help, the help of the people who represent you, [00:18:00]
the people here at CPAC who, with Bill’s help, made it the policy of this entity, the CPAC
board said, getting us out of the World Health Organization. Departing from it.
Defunding it. And Defanging. It is our object. Let’s do it. We need your help.
Bill Walton: [00:18:25] We’re just about out of time, but one, we want to put a bright
light on these cockroaches. The Biden administration is driving this, and it’s in the
Department of H. Office of Global Affairs at HHS that’s doing this all in secret. And as
Frank pointed out, the only way we can stop it now, the Biden administration is all in is
to shine a bright light on this. Make our congressmen, and especially our senators, feel
their responsibility to step up here and declare this a treaty that has to be approved by
them. And, Margaret, I’d wish you’d comment on one thing. The [00:19:00] World Health
Organization’s also talking about something one health. Which means ecosystems,
plants, animals and oh, by the way, people as well. We don’t have too much time. But is
there? Yeah.
Margaret Byfield: [00:19:12] What they would have done is what they’re looking to do
is create something called biodiversity credits. So these ecosystem services, we’d all be
credited plus or minus how many, how much of it we used according to their math. And
it’s the UN credit system. Yeah. It’s the UN accounting system which is the ones that is
going to track these ecosystem credits and set the value for these. So it’s really, I mean,
what they were doing in through these natural asset companies was really innocuous.
The other key thing that I think people need to know about these natural asset
companies is that the rule invited foreign investment into these companies, meaning
China’s sovereign wealth funds could invest in these natural asset companies, have
complete control over our [00:20:00] natural resources and bring our nation to its knees.
Yeah, as you said, without a fight, without a fight, if we had not stopped these natural
asset companies, that would have gone in place on November 18th of last year. They’re
going to keep trying. They are going to they don’t.
Bill Walton: [00:20:16] This is going to be coming back. It doesn’t need to be public. It
could be private equity, which is my old world. And by the way, this natural asset
category UN’s got accounting to make this unused property worth trillions and trillions of
dollars. You can bet with certainty that Goldman Sachs is going to be in there trying to
make a market in this. So Wall Street. Shine a light on this. We’ve got to wrap it up.
Everyone: [00:20:38] Thank you. Thank you all. Thanks God bless you all. Good.


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