EPISODE 199: It is Time to Negotiate Peace Between Ukraine and Russia

“These are the cold, hard facts: Russia, the country cornering the European energy market, is profiting from its war against Ukraine, while the West’s adversaries gain economic and global dominance. U.S. Warhawks and like-minded ideologues of the European Union (EU) have enabled a war that grinds on, destroying Ukraine, while its leadership poses artistically for Vogue magazine.” 

“And now, in the ninth month, the citizens of the EU are preparing for a cold, dark winter and a fight for which they did not ask.”

“Peace will not come to Ukraine until the U.S. and Russia sit down face-to-face and negotiate specific terms and conditions of a peace treaty. Nothing short of that level of negotiation will be effective, respected, or guaranteed.”

So declares my guest on this episode of The Bill Walton Show, Dr Shea Bradley-Farrell – and I agree. 

Shea is president of the Counterpoint Institute for Policy, Research and Education and is a recognized expert in international development, national security, foreign policy and aid, women’s empowerment, and human rights.

The State Department’s job is to keep us out of war through effective diplomacy. Instead, Anthony Blinken et al has put us at risk of a wider war in Europe, out of control inflation, a steep recession, massive food insecurity, and a nuclear confrontation.

The Biden Administration’s brinksmanship tactics have driven Russian and China into an even deeper partnership that has ominous implications for future of the U.S. and its European allies.

With the sabotage of the Nord Stream pipeline, Germany’s economy is on the brink of collapse. German industries and households are starved for energy that grows more expensive with each passing week. 

Why has the United States encouraged this war to proceed, sending over $60 billion of American taxpayers money?

It now seems apparent that President Biden and the State Department’s aim has been regime change – an ouster of Vladimir Putin – through a proxy war in Ukraine. 

This is reckless and dangerous. The United States has a miserable track record in “regime change” – think Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Libya. 

The Biden Administration has blundered us into the most dangerous situation in American foreign policy since the Cuban Missile Crisis. 

It is time to negotiate peace. 

This is not the conventional view in America at the moment. Listen in as Dr Shea Bradley-Farrell makes the case.




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