EPISODE 211: “It’s Happening According to Plan” with Kevin Freeman

If someone wanted to weaken, then destroy a sovereign and free United States, what would they do? Well they might start with surrendering its energy independence. Make war on reliable fossil fuels oil and gas, coal and nuclear power.  Induce it to rely on wind and solar energy sources that are certain to lead to rolling blackouts and the ultimate failure of America’s electrical grid. And while they’re at it, persuade America to rely on China for most all of its wind and solar energy production technologies. Inflate its currency. Have the Federal Reserve print trillions of dollars of money out of thin air to finance insane levels of federal spending, much of it going to a so-called “green energy” lobby. Destroy public trust in its elections. Make Election Day a thing of the past. Normalize a voting system that coughs up over 100 million unaccountable mail-in ballots.  Demonize the idea of America as a melting pot and encourage tribalism, based on race, ethnic, gender, or sexual orientation. Have these tribes band together to oppose a supposed “white privilege” majority. Racially discriminate to end discrimination. Open its borders. End any difference between citizens and residents.  Muzzle speech. Cancel or shadow-ban anyone who questions the “consensus” about January 6, the efficacy of Covid vaccines or election integrity.  Weaponize the FBI, CIA, and Department of Justice. All these things are happening. This list could go on and on. The patterns are there. The questions become: is there a plan and who is behind it? For some answers, I’ve turned to Kevin D. Freeman, my guest on this episode, who has written an all-encompassing new book – According to Plan, the Elite Secret Plan to Sabotage America. Kevin’s considered one of the world’s leading experts on economic warfare and financial terrorism. He is a co-founder and host of the Economic War Room on BlazeTV  and of the National Security Consultant Institute. Kevin also serves as a Senior Fellow at the Center for Security Policy. In According to Plan, Kevin Freeman lays out a clear case that the current attack is an intentional one aimed at all the pillars of freedom that have made America great. “I wrote According to Plan to show that there is a pattern,” explains Kevin. “A equals B, B equals C. Isolated facts don’t persuade, but showing people the pattern can.” Join us on the episode to learn about the disturbing patterns – the plan – and the people behind them.




Episode 211:  “It’s Happening According to Plan” with Kevin Freeman

Speaker 1 (00:04):

Welcome to the Bill Walton Show, featuring conversations with leaders, entrepreneurs, artists and thinkers. Fresh perspectives on money, culture, politics, and human flourishing. Interesting people, interesting things.

Bill Walton (00:24):

Welcome to the Bill Walton Show. I’m Bill Walton. If you wanted to wreck America, what would you do?


Well, you might start with surrendering our energy independence, and you could make war on reliable fossil fuels, oil and gas, coal and nuclear power. You could make us reliant on wind and solar energy, which as we’ve seen, are almost certain to lead to constant blackouts and shutdown of America’s electrical grid. Oh, and while we’re at this, we could make America reliant on China for all of the equipment for wind and solar.


And also shifting gears from our energy to our money, you could have the Federal Reserve print trillions of dollars of money out of thin air to finance insane levels of federal spending. Much of it going to, surprise, surprise, the green energy lobby. You could also destroy public trust in elections. You could render election day irrelevant.


Oh, and here’s another good one. You could demonize the idea of America, the idea of America as a melting pot, and encourage tribalism. Base it on race, ethnic, gender, or sexual orientation. And have these tribes band together to oppose a supposed white privileged majority. Oh, and racially discriminate to end discrimination. Open our borders and any difference between citizens and residents.


Well, this list could go on and as you listen to this, you’re thinking, “Well, all this is happening, but why is it happening?” Is it according to some plan? Well, thankfully I have a great friend and brilliant mind, Kevin Freeman, who’s written a book whose title is According to Plan, the Elite Secret Plan to Sabotage America. As you all may know, Kevin’s considered one of the world’s leading experts on economic warfare and financial terrorism. He’s consulted with the Congress in intelligence community, SEC, and on and on. He’s co-founder of the Economic War Room on Blaze TV and is also with the National Security Consultant Institute. I know Kevin first as a fellow member of the Council for National Policy, where we get together to try to do something about the things that are happening to America. So with no further ado, let me, Kevin, great to have you join us.

Kevin Freeman (03:06):

Oh, Bill, it’s always good to be with you.

Bill Walton (03:09):

So According to Plan, it’s a great title. A lot of people say, “Gee, why is this happening to America?” You have a theory and an excellent book, which I think outlines it chapter by chapter what’s happening in each areas that I mentioned and some others. Tell me what we should think about the book and what we ought to do about the plan.

Kevin Freeman (03:35):

Well, Bill, what we did is we worked with a group of researchers and they walked through all of the things happening, so rapid fire. Whether it’s on the border or it’s Afghanistan, or now recently trading an arms dealer for a basketball player. Or you go through the massive debt point by point by point, and you ask one question, is this incompetence? Are we just having these things happen because we’re incompetence. Or they’re just accidental? It’s just certainly bad string of luck here for America, all these things are happening by accident.


Or the other alternative is according to plan. And when you go through about 37 different items and you’re walking through and every one of them seems to be good for China, good for a globalist elitist, and bad for America. You have to come to one conclusion is, we couldn’t be that incompetent. At some point, we would get something right. It can’t be that much bad luck, it has to be some sort of plan. So we evaluated looking historically to see is there a plan, have people written? And yes, there is a plan that was in the United States. And yes, there’s a plan that the Chinese Communist Party has produced, and both of them seem to be playing out simultaneously.

Bill Walton (04:51):

Well, we’re pretty … at least I am, a lot of us familiar with China’s long-term plan, which they hatched 40, 50 years ago, to take on America’s domination of the world and replace that with Chinese domination. They’ve written and spoken extensively about it, but I think of them as the enemy without. The enemy that I think we need to be even more concerned about is what I call the enemy within. I mean, who are these elites? And where can we find them? And what’s their profile? Explain that a bit more.

Kevin Freeman (05:31):

Sure. Well just give you a historical view, I was going through my library and pulling out books and moving them around just recently. And I pulled out a book written by Gary Aldrich. Written in the 1990s, he was an FBI agent assigned to the White House, and he was talking about all the depravity that was taking place in the Clinton White House and all of the plans-

Bill Walton (05:55):

Yeah, he was on the Clinton Detail. Yeah.

Kevin Freeman (05:55):

Exactly. All the elite plans that were going on. This has been going on for a while. It starts … a friend of mine, he’s passed away now, but Dr. W Cleon Skousen in the 1950s wrote the book, the Naked Communist. It outlined the 45 goals of the Communist Party USA. They were entered in the congressional record in 1963 by a Florida congressman. It basically is, how do we destroy American society from within?


And you ask who they are. Well, they’re the elitist of major universities, they’re the Davos crowd at Switzerland. They’re now corporate leaders, who used to be patriotic American citizens. But now many of our corporate leaders have been captured by this idea, and they’re the ones that are running the media companies, they’re running major corporations, they’re the ones leading the think tanks, most of them in government. They’re a handful of really good ones left, but most of them have been elite captured. And they have one idea, and that idea is to globalize the world with the elites in charge and the rest of us kind of as surfs on their plantation.

Bill Walton (07:01):

Well, I’m not sure whether it’s in your book, but you allude to it. I mean, there was this … I think you know about him. There’s this guy Gramsci, an Italian intellectual Marxist in the twenties and thirties. He was the one I think who provided the playbook for this initially, which is that he observed that when the Russian Revolution happened, it only happened because a handful of people made it happen. The so-called Bourgeoisie or the people did not rise up in revolt, and so he didn’t think that violent overthrow of government was going to happen. Instead, he thought you needed to take on the cultural institutions.


I think we call that the long march to the institutions. They embedded themselves in universities and then most of the people that run … I think this is your theory, but I want to go back and forth on this a bit. A lot of the people that run these big financial companies, a lot of the people that run the big multinationals, run the universities and in the state department certainly came through these prep schools and universities where they were infused with the ideas of cultural Marxism and the basic badness of America. America’s evil and their vision of the future with them running things is much better. Does that align with the plan? Is that a root cause?

Kevin Freeman (08:31):

A hundred percent. For example, the elite capture of the journalism schools, just as an example. And so they take over and now all of the news is slanted or skewed in one direction. Then people look at Fox News, which tries to be fair and balanced and they say, “Well, Fox News is way far conservative right.” But you actually watch Fox and you don’t see it as way far conservative right, you don’t see it as far left. You see it as a little more mainstream. But the mainstream has now become the far right.


And this is what Elon Musk was complaining about. Elon Musk said, “There was a period in my time where I saw myself as a centrist. I saw the Republicans and the Democrats and I was at the center.” But everything has shifted so far to the left that Elon says, “Now I find myself allied with, I guess, Republicans, even though I don’t like to think of a Republican.” But social media companies have been captured, elite captured, the journalism schools. Once they got the educational institutions, they could enter then the business schools. So 20, 30 years ago when we were investing, Bill, you would think of the Chamber of Commerce and the investors as all conservative because they believed in free market principles because that would get the best return for the shareholders over time. Now, returns aren’t the number one driver. The investor is now told that they need to look out for environment, social justice and governance. Which is a quota agenda on corporate boards. So you’re exactly right, they’ve taken this long march through the institutions and now they’ve ended up in corporate world and Wall Street.

Bill Walton (10:06):

Well, in my corporate world, I think I saw it first, maybe not in our company, but in a lot of big companies. They get people with these ideas, they take over the HR department. Maybe the community affairs department, maybe the marketing department. They start thinking about reaching out to these other groups of people.


Then we saw with the corporate governance movement, the ESG, bringing all these other people into the boardroom. So that eventually the boardroom has become filled with people who are not really thinking about building a business but rather bringing about a social agenda. I think it’s going to make us all a lot poorer if we don’t do something about it.


Now, when you’re writing the book … you and I have known each other for years and find ourselves in violent agreement about all this. Was there anything when you wrote the book, I’m sure there’s a lot that surprised you. But I’ll tell you what surprised me. It surprised me that if you go after all these issues, the border money, the E pluribus unum, one culture, you go after the inflation, you go after energy, you go after all these things. There does seem to be a playbook and it’s applied in all these areas and it’s across the board. That surprised me. So what were your revelations?

Kevin Freeman (11:35):

Well, I think you hit it. The hardest thing for people to capture is the idea that there might be a plan that’s doing this. When you look independently, just take the Afghanistan withdrawal. You look at that and you say, why would you pull the military out before you pull the civilians out? You’d think the military would be the last to leave. And you stop and you wonder, why? Well, one of the reasons you do that is you leave behind a whole lot of equipment that benefits the Chinese Communist Party. And the Chinese military is going to capture a lot of that and control the airfield and so forth. Why would you do that? Why would a man who’s the President of the United States, that served in the Senate from Delaware for all those years. Lunch Pale Joe, who was a good common man.


Then you realize, well wait a minute, this guy’s son has a laptop that shows how much money he’s taken from China, from Ukraine, from Russia. The media refuses to even look at any of this. And you realize this has to have been covered up, it has to have been according to a plan. Because if the word really truly got out at how much this administration has sold out our nation, across the board, culturally, militarily, economically, socially. You’d realize there is a plan here and that plan has been really executed to near perfection.

Bill Walton (13:03):

You’re watching, viewing, listening to the Bill Walton show. I’m here with the great Kevin Freeman, we’re talking about his book, According to Plan, and the elites endeavor to take over America, put themselves in charge, and basically enslave us. I mean, all they want is our freedom and our dignity and our wealth, that’s it. If we can give that up, they’ll be happy. That may be a little bit provocative, but I don’t think so.


Now Kevin, you talk about a plan, and I’ve always resisted this idea of a conspiracy theory. Which one of our friends says, “Well, there may not be a conspiracy, but there are no coincidences.” You look at all these things happening together. In the case of Biden, everybody in the Senate knew this guy was corrupt, had all kinds of deals going on. I think they also knew pretty well that he had extensive dealings with China through Hunter. Nevertheless, they let him be the nominee and they got him elected. And then surprise, surprise, the laptop shows up and we have evidentiary proof that in fact that was the case. The thing I’m concerned about is that it looks every inch like Biden was on the payroll … is on the payroll.

Kevin Freeman (14:23):

Yeah, no, it absolutely does. I would suggest the whole idea of conspiracy theory, which is people, “Oh, it’s just a conspiracy theory.” Let’s substitute a different word for that and that is worldview.


Bill, I know your history, you’ve made films and you’ve worked in the government and you have invested money and you have been on Wall Street at the top levels. Everything driven by Bill Walton has to do with a pro-America, pro-free enterprise worldview. So that’s what’s driving you. Had you had the educational background to where the worldview of America is horrible. You take the theory that America was designed as a racist white supremacist nation and the purpose of America is to dominate the planet militarily. We didn’t leave behind just our soldiers, we actually stole land all around the world, which of course is nonsense.


But if you take a false history of America and apply it, then you can all of a sudden see why if America’s the devil, we need to do these things. We need to reduce American influence. And oh by the way, free enterprise is the devil because it makes white people rich and it’s anti any other racial background. Well that’s nonsense. But that is the worldview that’s happening. So there is a consistent worldview that America is the problem. When you start from that, then you begin to come to the same basic solutions. You don’t need a conspiracy per se, you just need to have people with a commonality of a false worldview.

Bill Walton (16:03):

well, and you look at the people that are source of these ideas, Harold Zinn wrote his history of … was it History of the American People. I think that’s the title.

Kevin Freeman (16:10):

Yeah, Howard Zinn. Yes.

Bill Walton (16:12):

An absolute sewer. And of course Howard, the professor, had a fondness for young co-eds and the man never really worked. He lists all the things I’ve done. You’ve been in the investment business for a long time, you’ve met a payroll, you’ve been engaged in the real world. None of these ideas really match, which happens in the real world. So you get this guy writing this book and all of a sudden it becomes required reading at every high school in America.


Talking about my background’s sort of interesting. When I was earlier in my career, I thought maybe I was at a disadvantage because I went to PS86 and public high school in Indianapolis and then went to Indiana, which was a public college. At that time, it was in the pre-woke era. And I thought, “Man, maybe I should have gone to Yale or Harvard or one of those fancy places.” Thank goodness I didn’t. Because the ideas there, they’re terrible.

Kevin Freeman (17:12):

Toxic. Absolutely toxic.

Bill Walton (17:15):

So we’re getting at the plan here. We’re not exactly saying there’s a guy … there’s a group of six people in the room writing this thing out. It’s more like there’s a playbook infused in the mindset of all the people at occupy most of the powerful positions in America, not just America, the world.

Kevin Freeman (17:34):

Yeah, no, and you mentioned Howard Zinn. There’s also Kenzie who did all the sexuality research, who was a pervert and-

Bill Walton (17:41):

Who was in Indiana.

Kevin Freeman (17:43):

Yeah. And then you keep going and you go through the climatologists that are worried about fossil fuels and global warming and all of them have cult-like behavior. I mean, I’m going be interviewing Dr. David Legates soon and he’s talking about the great Fred Singer’s book, Hot Talk Cold Science.


The reality of it is, there’s this worldview that’s permeating and it all comes together that America is bad, humans are bad, actually. If you go carry it far enough, just being human is bad. Being certainly an American is bad, being a male is bad, being white is bad. But being a human is bad at the end of the day and we need to reduce. And that permeates, it’s not just … it’s Bill Gates carries that thought. I think a lot of this is, I think, guilt over people that have developed excessive wealth and then these smart people or seemingly smart people come along and sell them a bill of goods. And how does Bill Gates go from being aggressive young entrepreneur with Microsoft, arguably taking a lot of Xerox’s stuff and packaging it up and selling it to IBM and building this fabulous, amazing company, Microsoft. To becoming one who is hater of humanity on the planet.

Bill Walton (19:07):

Let me give a plug for Kevin Freeman’s book again, it’s According to Plan. And just looking at some of the chapter headings here, he starts with the Soviet Union. We know a lot about that and the Cold War in their endeavors to take over the McCarthyism and the demonizing of Joe McCarthy, even though in fact he had a lot of his facts straight. We talk about communist China in the book, traitors in our midst. And then American radicals, I mean, can you touch … what are the traitors in our midst that you talk about in the book?

Kevin Freeman (19:42):

Well, the traitors in our midst, Trevor Loudon has evaluated the history of Congress and the existing congressmen and where they come from. These people are traitors in many cases the United States. I just saw Jerry Nadler telling us point blank that there was no effort to manipulate social media. Absolutely none, it’s a conspiracy theory that conservatives were being silenced. Of course, with Elon Musk taking Twitter, it’s obvious that Nadler was lying to us and he had the facts in front of him.


I mean, you look at the hearings where they went after President Trump and they said, “Oh well he’s done this, the P tape and all these things that he’s done in Russia.” These people have been lying to us. They are traitors that are in our midst, they’re in our Congress, they’re in the political realm. All of this is evidence that there are people, America hating people in high positions. You can even go back, as I mentioned earlier, to the Clinton administration. If Bill Clinton weren’t such a great politician, he wouldn’t have pivoted as he did with the midterm elections. He absolutely was anti-American in his approach. We see it in the Obama administration and we’ve seen it currently in the Biden administration.

Bill Walton (21:01):

Well, circling back to the Biden, talk about traitors in our midst. I mean, we touched on it, but you think back what happened. The FBI got the laptop, they held it for a year. Just before the election, the New York Post is going to run a story revealing much, if not all of what’s in the laptop. That gets killed, it gets killed by Twitter and everybody … all the other social media companies pile in and all of a sudden that story is not out there.


And furthermore, Twitter was acting on the outcome of a meeting, many meetings they had once a week with the FBI before the 2020 election. The FBI told them there’ll be something coming out with a laptop, but ignore it, it’s all Russian disinformation. And then piling on top of that, you had 51 so-called intelligence community experts and leaders who told everybody, ignore that story because this is more Russian disinformation. You look at that list of people, I mean former heads of the CIA and the FBI seems to be up to its eyeballs. Including what’s happening now with the guy, I guess from the general counsel or second in command and the legal department at Twitter who was actually working previously and maybe continuing with the FBI.

Kevin Freeman (22:28):

Oh yeah. Then you have Michelle Obama telling them to cancel President Trump. You walk through the history … and then you have Jen Psaki as press secretary saying, if you get canceled by one social media company, you ought to be automatically canceled by all of them. Which means that the White House would only have to influence one of them and could get you kicked off social media.


Again, we don’t like to use the term conspiracy because people have attached theory to it and made it pejorative. But the reality of it is, these things all seem to be headed in the same direction. And it’s the silencing of conservatives or alternative viewpoints, whether it’s on climate or whether it’s on politics or anything else. If you happen to have a conservative viewpoint, you don’t have a right to speak. It really is a war on free speech and a war on the American ideals.

Bill Walton (23:15):

Well, right now they’re killing the Twitter dump. Elon Musk has put out all the … or many of the tweets relating to the laptop and what happened with the election in 2020. And it’s interesting what’s happening. It’s not being covered. You won’t read about it in The Times, you’re not going to see it on the network news. So instead of outright censorship, what they do is, this is not news, it’s not real. And it gets me to sort of … we’ve got a few minutes that I want to focus on what we do next. This gets to the real problem, I think, was where 90% of Americans are blissfully unaware of what you have written about in your book and what I’ve come to agree with. And that America is being led by people who we can’t trust. And if that’s the case, what do we do?

Kevin Freeman (24:07):

Well, you mentioned that they’ve silenced it. How about great iconic leftist writers like Gary Greenwald and Matt Taibbi who have arguably not been conservative at any point in their lives, and yet they’re saying, “Wait, here are the facts and here’s the truth. We have to acknowledge this.” We’ve got to find partnership with the honest liberals left in our society and there’s a handful of them and we need to find them and we need to get your show, Bill, seen by as many Americans.


What I love about what you do is it’s very thoughtful conversations rather than just a talking head where you’re just getting angry and you’re bam, bam, bam, bam. Which is what you can get on Fox News or MSNBC, and that’s fine. But we need to have these thoughtful conversations. People need to pause and reflect and think about things for a bit. If we can get the information out.


That’s why I wrote the book According to Plan as I wrote it. I wrote it with an A equals B, B equals C. Now, what does that tell us about A and C approach? I learned this in psychology when I was at University of Tulsa. If you tell someone this is the fact, they’re going to rebel and push back. But if you lead them to the facts and let them draw their own conclusion, you can’t talk them out of it.


So here’s the point is According to Plan, we’ve had all of these things that have happened. Do you think they’re good for America or bad for America? And they’ll conclude, “Well, that’s bad for America, actually.” Then you take the next step is it’s consistent, it’s happening across the board. Do you think that maybe people are trying to make this happen? Or do you think it’s just accidental? Then they’ll draw the conclusion that this is according to a plan. So we made this a buy one get one free offer. You can buy a copy of this at AccordingtoPlanbook.com/EWR or use the code EWR for Economic War Room. And you buy one copy for 17.76 and you get a second copy free. So you get one to read and one to hand out. It’s designed to be the ideal way to pass this knowledge because if we can inform America, we win.

Bill Walton (26:16):

Well, you’re talking about my show. Your show, as well. I mean, it seems to me we’ve got a significant number of us who’ve honed in on this. My journey’s been a little … I was blissfully happy doing private equity for 30 years, and then I started taking a look at political stuff and it was a journey to find out about all this. The more I’ve learned, the worse it looks. Oh God.


But I think for people interested in a primer that goes through all of the issues and gets to the background in each of these areas, this book is a really good place to start. Then you’ve also got some remedies towards the end. So before we get out of here, what’s a couple things that we ought to do to begin to fight back against this plan?

Kevin Freeman (27:12):

Well, the first thing that we mention is we remind people that America really is valuable. Deepen our hearts, we all know America is a great experiment. It’s not a racist experiment. It is a great experiment in liberty. And the founders were geniuses. And so we need to show our public pride. One way to do it is to show the flag, display the flag in some way. I’ve got a flag pin here. Demonstrate that you love America because patriotism drives the left nuts. In fact, studies have shown that children that go to 4th of July rallies tend to be more conservative and patriotic later in life. So expose your kids, grandkids, just your whole community. Say, I love America. It’s still worth saving.


The second thing that we talk about is we talk about weaponizing your money. That’s why we form the National Security Investment Consultant Institute. Don’t invest in ESG, which destroys America. Invest in liberty, security and values. And so we train financial advisors at Liberty University to do what you did. Is to get the best return on your money, to do it in a moral fashion, to promote Liberty, Security. Which would be national security or personal security, like our friend Frank Gaffney and values. Western civilization, Judeo-Christian values. The Golden Rule kind of values.


So those are a couple of things that people can do. And then pass this information along. So we have an act in here, I don’t know if we could ever have the Serve the People Act enforced. But at least wake the average voter up to the idea that the people you’re voting for are not your rulers, they’re not even your leaders, they’re your servants. The Constitution sets them up to serve the people as opposed to lead or rule the people. We didn’t put a president in the White House so that he could be our boss. We put someone there to faithfully execute the laws of the United States to support the Constitution. He’s disservice not to rule us.

Bill Walton (29:19):

Kevin, that sounds like a powerful last word. So why don’t we wrap this up. We’ll be continuing. I think we’re going to do a home in away where I’m going to be appearing on your show in a not too distant future. But I also want to have you back and I want to dig into more of some of the solutions you pointed out, including getting into how to weaponize our money to make sure it goes to the right people and not to the wrong people.


So anyway, thanks for joining the show. Been here today with Kevin Freeman, author of According To Plan, the Elite’s Secret Plan to Sabotage America. Although thanks to Kevin, it’s not so secret. He gives you a really interesting look at their playbook. Highly recommended. So anyway, thanks for watching and as always, you can find us on CPAC Now on Monday nights, and on Rumble, on YouTube, and all the major podcast platforms, and on Substack Now. So we’re endeavoring to get the word out there and hopefully we’ll have Kevin back and dig into some of these issues some more. So thank you all for joining.


I hope you enjoyed the conversation. Want more? Click the subscribe button or head over to the BillWaltonShow.com to choose from over a hundred episodes. You can also learn more about our guest on our Interesting People page. And send us your comments. We read every one and your thoughts help us guide the show. If it’s easier for you to listen, check out our podcast page and subscribe there. In return, we’ll keep you informed about what’s true, what’s right, and what’s next. Thanks for joining.


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