EPISODE 172: Ukraine: Is the Biden Administration Unleashing Furies It Does Not Understand? with Dr Peter Vincent Pry and J. Michael Waller

There are growing calls among political elites in Washington for the United States to “do something” about preventing a Russian invasion of the Ukraine. 

But do we have the military capabilities to stop it?

Why do we want Ukraine to join NATO?

Does Ukraine matter? 

Why are American politicians who have been so soft toward Moscow for their entire political careers all of a sudden turn uber hawks against Vladimir Putin.

Are we pushing China and Russia to make common cause with each other?

Does the Biden foreign policy team have a clue what they’re doing?

To get some answers to these and many many other questions, two seasoned national security analysts – and returning guests – Peter Pry and Mike Waller – weigh in.

  • J. Michael Waller, PhD, is Senior Analyst for Strategy at the Center for Security Policy and 
  • Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, is the former Executive Director of the EMP Task Force on National and Homeland Security

Some sample observations: 

“Russia and China are already in an alliance that poses the most formidable combination that the Western democracies have faced in their history,” warns Peter Pry

It’s worse than that. This combination also includes North Korea and Iran creating a new power block that Washington just doesn’t seem to want to acknowledge. 

Russia can overrun Ukraine and the frontline NATO states in 72 hours. The Pentagon’s had 18 Taiwan war games and in its own war games scenarios, we have lost every one of them.

If you want a real world and informed tutorial about the possibilities of war with Russia, Ukraine, China and Taiwan, this is a must listen. It’s a sobering 60 minutes, but well worth your time.




Episode 275: We won the Cold War and lost the peace : A Tour de Force with Erik Prince and Stephen Bryen

Ronald Reagan collapsed the Soviet Union, liberated the captive nations of Central Europe and restored “Europe Whole and Free.”  But what happened after that haunts the Free World to this day.

Former Navy U.S. Seal and founder of the private military company Blackwater Erik Prince declares “We are fighting wars the wrong way.”

Stephen Bryen, known as the “Yoda” of the Arms Trade, is a former Deputy Undersecretary of Defense and founder of the Defense Technology Security Administration.

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Episode 274: “Behind the Curtain: Unveiling the Arabella Network’s Vast Influence on U.S. Politics”

In this episode of The Bill Walton Show, Bill wades into the murky waters of the Left’s “dark money” manipulation of American politics with Scott Walter and Kristen Eastlick with the Capital Research Center. 

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Episode 273: Investing in a Polarized America: Federalism and Entrepreneurship with Jim Pinkerton

In this lively episode of the Bill Walton Show, Bill talks with Jim Pinkerton in a thought-provoking discussion about investing in the turbulent waters of today’s toxic political climate. With a focus on the stark Red-Blue divide in America, Jim offers a contrarian view that it’s fertile ground for what he terms “directional investing.” 

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Episode 272: The Art of the Flail: Expert Takes on US National Security Blunders with Stephen Bryen and Brandon Weichert

This episode of The Bill Walton Show is a riveting discussion with two astute geopolitical analysts, Dr. Steven Bryen and Brandon Weichert. 

Together they dissect the exploding tensions in the Middle East, specifically about the dramatic escalation by Iran’s air attack on Israel. 

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Episode 271: Modern Dilemmas: Regulatory Capture, Global Governance, and the Surveillance State with Dr. Robert W. Malone

In this episode Bill Walton is joined by Dr. Robert Malone in a wide ranging and engaging discussion about modern societal and financial control mechanisms. Their great concern is the relentless and growing overreach of both governments and corporations into personal freedoms through the guise of security, safety and public health.

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