EPISODE 198: Will Chinese-Style Social Credit Be Coming to America? with Todd Zywicki

In the decade since Barrack Obama remarked that “it would be so much easier to be the President of China,” the Chinese Communist Party has been working hard to make that job even easier.

How?  One way is to impose a social credit system that monitors, rewards, and punishes people according to how closely their behavior conforms to the Party’s diktats.

“The social credit system is an important component of the social market, the socialist market economy, and the social government system. Keeping trust is glorious, and breaking trust is disgraceful,” the Party declares.

So what happens in China when its people do things that the Communist Party thinks “breaks its trust”?

We saw that last month when some Chinese banking customers tried to organize a rally to protest having access to their bank deposits cut off. The CCP flipped their social credit health codes to red, which means they couldn’t use public transport, they couldn’t go into restaurants, they couldn’t go into malls, they lost their right to travel. They were made into non-persons.

Could this happen in America? My guest on this episode Todd Zywicki, Professor at George Mason’s Scalia Law School and who served as Chair of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Task Force on Consumer Financial Law, is quite concerned.

“In contrast to China, at least for the time being, American government is constrained from imposing social credit criteria on Americans. But it wouldn’t necessarily have to do it directly.

The technologies and systems are in place so that social credit scoring could be implemented through our financial services system: banks, brokerage firms, credit rating agencies, insurance companies, etc.”

At the World Economic Forum – home to the Global Reset agenda – their meetings have hosted presentations about rolling out credit cards that would monitor our individual carbon footprints.

Also openly discussed were systems to implant chips to monitor vaccine booster shots. The system would remind you to get one, and if you didn’t do it, then you’d be shut off from access to public spaces.

These would be implemented by private sector actors but with the nodding approval of government agencies, much like Twitter has censored speech at the behest of federal health authorities.

Who is pushing social control in America and why?

Are these paranoid imaginings, or are social credit scores coming to a American house near you? Maybe your house.

There’s a lot we need to know about these developments and Todd and I cover a lot of ground to examine the many issues. Worth a listen.

“What’s the difference between reality and conspiracy theory? About three months.”




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