Donald J. Boudreaux

Donald J. Boudreaux is Professor of Economics at George Mason University and Senior Fellow at George Mason’s Mercatus Center. He blogs daily at Cafe Hayek and writes a weekly column for the American Institute for Economic Research. He is the author of Globalization (2008) and The Essential Hayek (2014).

Episode Appearances

Episode 158: “After Covid: Recovering Our Liberty” with John Tamny and Don Boudreaux


Guest(s): John TamnyDonald J. Boudreaux

It’s almost two years on from the onset of the Covid virus and we know a lot now that we didn’t then. Society should be healing.

But we live in vitriolic and partisan times, and widespread disagreement abounds about what it was, what it is, what it isn’t and how to cope with it.

Yet to those who understand how economies work, this much seems clear: governments’ blunderbuss one-size-fits-all lockdowns and mandates have turned a manageable public health problem into a social, medical and economic catastrophe.

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Episode 169: George F. Will on “American Happiness and Discontents” with Don Boudreaux and John Tamny


Guest(s): George WillDonald J. BoudreauxJohn Tamny

In this episode we get to talk with George F. Will about his latest collection of essays, American Happiness and Discontents: The Unruly Torrent, 2008-2020, and also about his magnum opus, The Conservative Sensibility.

Joining in on the conversation are John Tamny, Vice President of FreedomWorks, editor of RealClearMarkets, and author of When Politicians Panicked, and Don Boudreaux, Professor of Economics at George Mason University, research scholar at Mercatus Center, who runs the go-to blog for free market economic thinking, Cafe Hayek.

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Episode 87: Reality Economics 101 with Don Boudreaux and John Tamny


Guest(s): Donald J. BoudreauxJohn Tamny

A must see and wide ranging conversation about all things economic with Donald Boudreaux, best-selling author, professor of economics at George Mason University who writes the popular blog Cafe Hayek and John Tamny, editor of Real Clear Markets, an editor for Forbes Magazine and the author of “The End of Work” and “They’re Both Wrong.”

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