Jimmy Kemp

Jimmy Kemp is President of the Jack Kemp Foundation, which he established in 2009.  Its mission is to develop, engage and recognize exceptional leaders who champion the American idea, beginning with the premise that the condition of your birth shouldn’t determine the outcome of your life.

Mr. Kemp co-founded and is the Managing Partner of Kemp Partners, a strategic consulting firm based in Washington DC.  Established in 2002, Kemp Partners provides government relations and corporate affairs services to a diverse clientele.   Mr. Kemp has represented Fortune 500 companies as well as burgeoning firms before Congress, the White House and several federal agencies.

He is also Executive Vice President of Group 47, a digital data storage company which is bringing to market a new archival media called DOTS (Digital Optical Technology System).   DOTS enables digital files to be stored in easily readable form for over 100 years, even under conditions of benign neglect.

Mr. Kemp spent eight seasons as a quarterback in the Canadian Football League, finishing his career in 2001 with the Toronto Argonauts.

Mr. Kemp was the founding Board Chairman for Hope Community Charter School,  located in northeast Washington DC. The school serves 735 pre-k through grade 8 students and has been operating since September 2005. Mr. Kemp is a graduate of Wake Forest University. He and his wife, Susan, have four boys and reside in Washington DC.

Episode Appearances

Episode 5: “The Pursuit of Happiness” with Jimmy Kemp and Ralph Benko


Guest(s): Jimmy KempRalph Benko

The Bill Walton Show: Episode 05 – Jack Kemp played a huge role in the successful tax policies of the 1980’s. His son, Jimmy Kemp, joins Bill to discuss the legacy of his father and what’s necessary going forward. Ralph Benko is a champion of supply-side economics as well, and adds to the discussion insight garnered from decades national experience.

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