John Scheurer

Currently runs Baja Longtail Capital, a small investment firm specializing in commercial real estate. He has over 40 years of experience in finance and commercial real estate. Most notably, John was the President and CEO of Allied Capital Corporation, a publicly traded Business Development Company.

Episode Appearances

Episode 210: “Office Buildings: Will We Ever Go Back?” with John Scheurer


Guest(s): John Scheurer

In 2020, over 30 years later, futurist and management guru Peter Drucker’s prediction came true with a bang. With the mandated COVID lockdowns, suddenly everybody had to learn to work from home. Office occupancy plummeted from 90% to 10% and we all learned about how to Zoom. Since then people are going back to the office, but occupancy still averages only 40 to 50% depending on the market, and in New York lower. So what’s going to happen next?

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