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Episode 51: Part 2: We All Need to Make Protecting Habitats a Concern – Ron Maxwell and Skipper Darlington

Species and habitat protection are issues that can be separated from polarizing disagreements about climate change. Everyone - on both the left and the right - ought to be able to come together to protect endangered species and their habitats. It’s a problem that humans have created and one that humans can solve.

Episode 51: Part 1: Half Earth for Species Protection with Ron Maxwell and Skipper Darlington

The population of humans has almost tripled since 1950, and the impact on other species has been profound. Humans have absorbed vast amounts of habitat for living space and farmland, leading to the extinction of hundreds of species and threats to countless others. Ron Maxwell and Skipper Darlington join Bill Walton to talk about a radical but oddly simple and doable solution.

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