Sarah Walton

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Episode 28: The Schools We Need with Jeanne Allen and Sarah Walton


Guest(s): Sarah WaltonJeanne Allen

America’s K-12 education system and institutions were designed in a different era for a different society, and we are at grave risk today from this obsolete system, which fails to prepare all children to succeed as adults. In fact, the system we have now was never designed or intended to reach all children.

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Episode 26: Why Bernie Sanders should understand Human Agency with Dr. Anne Rathbone Bradley


Guest(s): Anne Rathbone BradleySarah Walton

My guest, Dr. Anne Rathbone Bradley, the free market economist and moral philosopher, wants to sit down with Bernie Sanders over a cup of coffee to talk about how to achieve the goals he proclaims. There’s a right way and a wrong way, and he’s not going to get there the way he’s going.

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