Ambassador Pete Hoekstra

Former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and U.S. Ambassador to the Netherlands.


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Episode 155: “Afghanistan, China and an Unaccountable Congress” with Ambassador Pete Hoekstra

In this episode we talk with Ambassador Pete Hoekstra, formerly Chair of the House Intelligence Committee and now Chairman of the Center for Security Policy Board of Advisors. Some of the many things we explore: Biden’s preposterous claim that “America is not at war” seemingly oblivious to China President Xi’s aggressive global ambitions. And the Administration may be done with the Afghanistan war, but that doesn’t mean Afghanistan is done with us.  Its leaders still are driven to establish a caliphate and kill infidels, and now they have $85 billion in US military equipment to help them do it. While there are some differences among al Qaeda, the Taliban and ISIS-K, they agree on one important thing – they hate us and still want to destroy us. There’s bipartisan agreement in Congress that Blinken, Milley and Austin failed us in Afghanistan. The honorable thing for them to do is resign. That’s not going to happen. Another option: Congress should censure them. Donald Trump listened to European allies and left residual force troops behind in Syria. Biden ignored the same advice […]

Episode 145: “America’s Intelligence Wars” with Ambassador Pete Hoekstra and Fred Fleitz

We are living in a complicated and dangerous time in America. American intelligence and national security should not be part of partisan politics but that is exactly what they’ve become. “We saw it towards the end of the Obama administration, and the transition into the Trump administration,” according to my guest, Ambassador Pete Hoekstra. “The weaponization of intelligence and the intelligence community against an incoming president of the United States. And it has continued right up to today with reports that the NSA has been listening to Tucker Carlson’s phone calls and screening his emails.” As former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and U.S. Ambassador to the Netherlands, Pete has keen insights into the problems plaguing our intelligence community. Moreover, America’s divisions over national security have never been greater, explains my other guest Fred Fleitz, President of the Center for Security Policy who served as Deputy Assistant to the President and as Chief of Staff of the National Security Council. “The globalist elite sees the U.S. as the main threat to international security. They would like to reign in […]

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Former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and U.S. Ambassador to the Netherlands.